Former WWE Superstar Comments On Gable Steveson Signing With An NFL Team

Gable Steveson‘s WWE run ended like a disappointing mid-season NFL halftime show, overhyped by the network and met with apathy. 

While that might come across as a bit harsh, there truly isn’t much else to say when it comes to Steveson’s time in WWE. The Gold Medalist was introduced to fans at WrestleMania 38 and ended his career with a handful of dark matches before being released earlier this month. 

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One of the few Superstars who had a chance to work with Steveson was former NXT standout Trevor Lee, known to the WWE Universe as Cameron Grimes. Of Gable Steveson’s five main roster Dark Matches, Lee competed in two of them, and it seems like the experience wasn’t exactly something that 

Today news broke that Steveson was signed by the NFL team Buffalo Bills, drawing various reactions from fans, media personalities, and others alike. In response to a post from former WWE media personality, Kazeem Famuyide, who asked “what position” Steveson would play, Trevor Lee gave what could only be described as a blunt answer: 

“Whichever one requires the least amount work and has other people make him look good I’m assuming? Wait wrong sport….”

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Gable Steveson’s only televised match in WWE came via its developmental brand’s Great American Bash PLE in 2023. When the 24-year-old Indiana native took on Baron Corbin in one-on-one action. During the match, it was clear that Steveson still had a lot of work to do. The crowd in Austin, Texas turned on the young star and was cheering for the clear heel in Corbin. 

Although becoming a WWE Superstar wasn’t in the cards for Steveson, the National Football League may be the environment he needs. There is no doubt that he’s an incredible athlete, and with the right training, an NFL career could work out very well for the University of Minnesota alumni.

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