GUNTHER Is Suprised How Big He Was Before His Impressive Weight Loss

WWE Superstar GUNTHER is somewhat surprised by how big he was following his dramatic weight loss over the past year. 

The Austrian powerhouse lost between 60 to 70 pounds after moving to WWE NXT and the main roster in 2022 and his transformation has not gone unnoticed by fans. Speaking to Aleister McGeorge of METRO, GUNTHER reflected on his weight-loss journey. 

“I was aware of how big I was, but now looking at the pictures, I’m surprised how big I was… obviously health-wise, it’s way better [now] and I feel better in the ring. It’s been a good thing doing it.”

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GUNTHER was inspired to lose the weight by Ludwig Kaiser, Giovanni Vinci, and his wife Jinny. Now at a lean 250lbs, GUNTHER added that keeping the weight off has been less of a challenge than losing the weight, but it’s still no easy feat. 

“That’s WAY easier, keeping if off. It really is, though. You want to get to a point physically, then you really have to stick to it for quite a long time and be very disciplined. Once you’re at a point where you’re comfortable, then it’s easier to manage to maintain that than getting there.”

GUNTHER’s dedication to fitness will no doubt be looked upon favorably by WWE’s higher-ups including Chief Content Officer Paul ‘Triple H’ Levesque. Many predict that GUNTHER will be entering the World Championship picture soon enough. The Ring General will compete against Randy Orton in the finals of the 2024 King of the Ring Tournament later today in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. 

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