Jade Cargill Says Tag Team With Bianca Belair “Came Out Of The Blue”

Jade Cargill didn’t see herself being in a tag team with Bianca Belair when she joined WWE but the ‘Storm’ isn’t mad that this is exactly what has happened. 

Cargill isn’t just in a tag team with Belair but the pair are the reigning WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions. This reign marks Belair’s first tag title reign in WWE and Cargill’s first reign of any kind since joining WWE in September 2023. 

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Speaking to the Title Sports Network, Cargill spoke about teaming with the EST and how such a pairing wasn’t initially in her plans. 

“It wasn’t something that was in my cards or my deck. Came out the blue. But teaming with the EST, we’re unstoppable. Who’s going to beat us? Like, let’s really think about that right now. No one. So we knew it was coming. We knew that, you know, we had phenomenal. The Kabuki Warriors are great. You know, they held the belts down, but it’s our time.”

What’s to Come? 

While Cargill and Belair have impressed as a tag team, many fans are waiting to see the two feud. Even before Jade joined WWE, she and the EST had been compared to one another as both are athletic, successful black women. So far, WWE have yet to give a tease of a feud though many expect it’ll eventually come. 

In the meantime, Cargill and Belair will look to keep their title reign going for as long as possible. On last week’s Raw, Shayna Baszler and Zoey Stark earned the right to challenge for the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships. It is unclear when this title match will take place. 

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