Dominik Mysterio Involvement In Liv Morgan’s King & Queen of the Ring Title Win Intensifies Popular WWE Theory

Liv Morgan is now the new WWE Women’s World Champion, but her victory over Becky Lynch came in a controversial manner.

WWE’s King & Queen of the Ring event took place in Jeddah, where it was 92 degrees outside the Jeddah SuperDome and in the mid-70s inside the arena. Despite the cooler temperatures inside, Morgan’s revenge tour was on fire.

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Rhea Ripley was WWE Women’s World Champion, but she was put out of action by a backstage attack from Liv Morgan after WrestleMania XL. After that, Morgan’s Revenge Tour intensified, as she went after the now-vacant title. The whole time, Dominik and Morgan have found a reason to cross paths, and these interactions have proven pivotal. 

The event began with the Women’s World Title match between Becky Lynch and Liv Morgan. The match had an unexpected ending when Dominik Mysterio got involved, assisting Morgan in securing the win and the title.

During the match, Becky and Liv went back and forth, with a couple of near-falls along the way. Then Dominik appeared at ringside, initially causing a distraction that did not immediately help Morgan win. However, a few moments later, Dominik slid a chair into the ring, which Morgan used to her advantage by hitting a DDT on it while the referee was distracted.

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With the referee’s attention back on the match, Morgan executed her Oblivion finisher and secured the pinfall victory. Following the match, Morgan and Dominik celebrated with fireworks in Jeddah, marking her controversial win.

Liv and Dominik

For weeks, some eagle-eyed fans have noticed hints about a connection between Dominik Mysterio and Liv Morgan. This development has sparked interest among the WWE Universe, especially since Rhea Ripley’s injury, leading to speculation about Morgan and Dominik’s alliance.

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During an appearance on The Masked Man show, Dominik addressed the fan theory about him and Morgan. He used the “innocent until proven guilty” way to get out of the question.

“I think at the end of the day, everyone is innocent till proven guilty. And I’m just (…) I’m here protecting Mami. And I’m trying to make sure she’s good when she comes back and that everything is all set in order. She comes back straight to the top. Take her title back, no harm no foul.”

Although Dominik initially said that he was in Saudi to make sure Liv didn’t win the title, the opposite happened instead. Now the discussion among fans who were shipping Dominik and Morgan for a while has only intensified.

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