MLW Anniversary ’24 Results: Opera Cup Begins, Bull Rope Match, Mistico In Action

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It’s a 22 year celebration of Major League Wrestling and the league is partying in a big way at Atlanta with a stacked lineup!

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But before all that, Atlanta has to endure Sessions With Mister Saint Laurent, but thankfully his guest was Paul Walter Hauser. Hauser noted of the wrestling history Atlanta is steeped in before matters got tense between the interviewer and interviewee. However, the moment got stopped with a chairshot from Filthy Tom Lawlor!

Adam Priest vs. Bobby Fish

The upstart Adam Priest was making his singles debut and was more than game for this match. He clearly did his homework on the veteran Bobby Fish. Fish was ready for strikes, but Priest evaded a lot of his moves and got his share of offense in. However a corner exploder suplex was enough to keep him down for the 1-2-3.

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WINNER: Bobby Fish

A solid victory under his belt, Bobby Fish will be in the 2024 Opera Cup as he and 15 other men will compete to earn the right to hoist the cherished trophy! One of those names is a two-time winner Davey Boy Smith Jr.

DBS walks out with MSL who hypes up his client, runs down Atlanta and makes the claim that Smith will be an unparalleled three-time Opera Cup Champion. However, he must be ready for ‘The Sweet Scientist’, Timothy Thatcher.

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Round 1: Opera Cup
Davey Boy Smith Jr. vs. Timothy Thatcher

The styles between Davey Boy Smith Jr. and Thatcher go together like PB&J and this opening round match is no different. Thatcher is tough as nails and ruthless in his offense as he focuses on breaking down DBS by targeting his arm. It has inhibited the third generation star from using the powerslam, but just like Thatcher, DBS is very durable. He happens to put Thatcher down with a massive sit-out powerbomb for the pinfall victory.

WINNER and ADVANCING: Davey Boy Smith Jr.

Post-match, Davey Boy Smith tried to sing the Canadian National Anthem before telling Atlanta they didn’t deserve it. However, third time’s a charm for his Opera Cup run.

However, the league has a big announcement as KENTA will be entering the Opera Cup! And his first round opponent? Bobby Fish!

Backstage we see AKIRA with Okomura and the MLW World Champion Satoshi Kojima. AKIRA has his pup Kota with him and promises that he’s going to take out the CONTRA Unit member Ikuro Kwon in the Opera Cup.

MLW National Openweight Championship
Jake Crist vs. Bad Dude Tito

This is a David vs. Goliath match and Crist’s slingshot is his speed and athleticism. Tito, however, is pretty dominant in this bout based on his strength and the numbers game. Salina de la Renta and Jesus Rodriguez are at ringside as the “ring announcer” gets a shot in on Jake. That all ultimately comes into play at the end of the match when Crist hits a swift spinning back kick to Tito’s ear. Rodriguez hops on the apron and out runs Brett Ryan Gosselin, he grabs Crist by the neck and drops him over the top rope. Tito then hits his Steiner Screwdriver finisher for the 1-2-3!

WINNER and STILL MLW National Openweight Champion: Bad Dude Tito

Backstage, David Marquez catches up with Cesar Duran who says he’s not been a part of Salina’s life as a father to make her stronger. That makes him a good father who cares. Marquez questions that tactic and Duran gets confrontational.

MLW Original CW Anderson is in the crowd for all the anniversary action as the crowd salutes one of the Extreme Four Horsemen.

We cut to Marquez once again who catches up with Matt Riddle. The Battle Riot winner isn’t sure when he’s going to cash in his golden ticket but all is stopped when Sami Callihan comes in to ambush him. The two rivals begin brawling and the feed gets cut!

Bobby Fish is on commentary for the next fight as he looks to scout the Opera Cup bracket.

Round 1: Opera Cup
Ikuro Kwon vs. AKIRA

Styles indeed make fights and the two styles of Kwon and AKIRA mirror one another. This battle is very hard-hitting as Kwon has AKIRA’s number in a lot of the exchanges. The Death Fighter gets rocked by a monkey flip in the corner that sends AKIRA into the ring post! Kicks, suplexes and submissions are in full-force as AKIRA looks to keep Kwon grounded. He manages to do that with an impressive kicking and striking sequence before cinching in an ankle lock. The resiliency of Kwon is on display but an eventual Death Penalty is good enough to get the pinfall win!


We cut to Filthy Tom Lawlor who was asked about his actions against Hauser. Lawlor said Hauser did this to himself because he poses as a pro wrestler and calls the credited actor a “fat pud!” We find out later on that Hauser was taken to a local Atlanta hospital.

We catch more footage of Riddle and Sami continuing to fight backstage as order is aiming to get restored!

MLW World Middleweight Championship
Star Jr. vs. Mistico (c)

Before the bout starts, Mistico offers a handshake in a matter of respect and Star. Jr obliges. This battle is a symphony of athleticism as both luchadors have one another well scouted. Mistico hits a beautiful arm drag and a head scissors to show Star Jr. why he’s indeed champ. Atlanta chants for Mistico as he executes a beautiful headscissors.

Star Jr. finally turns the tide towards him with a big boot in the ring and hits a hard strike to down Mistico. Mistico though, ultimately puts Star down with his spinning Fujiwa armbar.

WINNER and STILL MLW World Middleweight Champion: Mistico

Post-fight, Star Jr and Mistico shake hands once again before Mistico is interviewed at the top of the ramp. He expresses his love for the Middleweight gold and the love for MLW fans!


Miyu Yamashita vs. Jazzy Yang vs. Dani Jordyn

It’s a full circle moment for this match as Jazzy Yang, is Jimmy Yang’s daughter. At 21 years of age, she’s making her Major League debut, just like Yang did 22 years ago! Yang is in the crowd to watch his daughter compete and she’s got some tough competition in Yamashita and Dani Jordyn.

Jazzy shows her spunk as she gets some offense in against Yamashita, hitting a beautiful spinning leg kick. Jordyn gets a near win before Yamashita strikes Jordyn. She tosses Yang out and focuses on Dani. However, Yang gets more involved when she catches both women on the outside with a top rope dive!

Miyu manages to isolate Jordyn once more as she nails her with a powerful modified Attitude Adjustment and it keeps Dani down for the 1-2-3!

WINNER: Miya Yamashita

Cameras catch up with Sami Callihan as he’s finally been separated from Riddle and issues one more final challenge to The Super King of Bros: he wants any type of match at Blood & Thunder! Will Riddle accept?

MLW takes time to honor the legendary Gary Juster who has promoted fights and helped produce many wrestling shows over the years. Juster is humbled and grateful for the honor! #ThankYouGary!

Bull Rope Match
1 Called Manders vs. Mads Krule Krugger

Manders wastes no time in this fight as he takes it to Krugger and introduces the bull rope violence quite quickly. Krugger’s bloodlust may be unparalleled as he happens to hang Manders over the ropes with the Bullrope!

The violence gets amped up when a table is set up in the middle of the ring and Krugger possibly plans to chokeslam Manders through it while up top. Manders bites the forehead of Krugger and superplexes the monster through the table! Manders musters up enough strength to charge at Krugger and nails him with a big-time lariat! Kruger is OUT and Manders goes to cover him, but Krugger grabs him by the throat. Manders amps up the adrenaline and begins HAMMERING Krugger with the cowbell. Manders tangles Krugger in the rope and pulls down his arm pad, ready for another lariat, but in comes Janai Kai with a harsh roundhouse kick! Kruger hits a inverted full nelson and nails Manders for the 1-2-3!

WINNER: Mads Krule Krugger

Post-fight, Kruger has some ritualistic violence in store for Manders as he buries his head in a bucket in front of the CONTRA insurgents and even nails him with the bully club!

CONTRA begins to drag Manders backstage as Matthew Justice runs in to save his Second Gear Crew companion but is cut off at the pass by Ikuro Kwon and Minoru Suzuki! Manders is dragged off by Krugger!

We finally get to see Salina meet up with Duran and although she’s late on a Father’s Day gift, it is quite the gift: Salina is PREGNANT! Duran looks pleased at being a grandfather as the Anniversary show ends!

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