Staggering Statistic For WWE’s Queen of the Ring Tournament

It’s a new era for women’s wrestling in WWE and a ‘fun fact’ about this year’s Queen of the Ring tournament shows exactly how far we’ve come: one match from this year’s tournament lasted longer than the sum of all of the matches in the entire 2021 competition.

Since taking over WWE from Vince McMahon, Triple H has made significant strides in advancing the company, particularly the women’s division. While McMahon’s era initiated the Women’s Revolution, Triple H has amplified its momentum. The 2024 Queen & King of the Ring tournament exemplifies this progress, capturing fans’ attention.

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This week on WWE RAW, fans witnessed an intense match where IYO Sky faced Lyra Valkyria. The bout was a highlight, as Lyra emerged victorious, setting her up to face the winner of Bianca Belair and Nia Jax on SmackDown for the Queen of the Ring crown.

The match between IYO Sky and Lyra Valkyria captivated audiences and achieved a significant milestone. It was longer than all the matches from the 2021 Queen of the Ring tournament combined. The IYO Sky vs. Lyra Valkyria match lasted approximately 19 minutes, surpassing the 18 minutes total of the 2021 tournament matches.

2021 Queen of the Ring

In the 2021 Queen of the Ring tournament, Zelina Vega emerged victorious over Doudrop, celebrating her win after a 5:55 match with a crown and scepter. She also briefly adopted a British accent. Unfortunately, Vega couldn’t participate in the 2024 tournament due to injury. However, the current tournament reflects a renewed focus on the women’s division, providing more time and spotlight than ever before.

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This renewed emphasis on the women’s division under Triple H’s leadership is evident. The 2024 Queen & King of the Ring tournament showcases the talent and potential within the division, promising an exciting future for WWE’s female Superstars.

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