Ronda Rousey: ‘Anyone Is Better To Run WWE Than Vince McMahon’

Ex-WWE Superstar Ronda Rousey is more than happy to see WWE succeed in its ‘new era’ as she believes anybody would be a better alternative than Vince McMahon.

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Speaking to CBS Sports, the former Raw & SmackDown Women’s Champion didn’t hold back when asked for her stance on WWE’s changes in leadership this year.

I think anyone’s better than Vince McMahon. The only place you can go is up. I really enjoy Triple H and working with him, and honestly, I haven’t been watching, but I saw something from Nattie [Neidhart] saying that they had a card recently that had just as many women on it as the men.

“That’s what I would really like to see. The women equally represented with not just matches on the card, but time on the show. I feel there’s no place they could go but up and I’m really, really happy for all the women still there and thriving under the new regime.”

Vince McMahon’s Banishment

The 78-year-old McMahon parted ways with WWE for the second time in January 2024 following Janel Grant filing a lawsuit against both himself and WWE. The lawsuit alleges that McMahon was abusive to Grant during their relationship and that he trafficked her to other men in WWE. McMahon’s legal team has denied all claims against him and have stated that Grant’s lawsuit is the action of a bitter ex.

Since parting ways with McMahon, WWE has done all it can to keep the ex-Chairman’s name away from their own. When asked about McMahon during the Money in the Bank post-show, WWE CCO Paul ‘Triple H’ Levesque said he could not comment on an ongoing legal matter. In addition to the Grant lawsuit, McMahon is also facing a federal investigation.

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Ronda Rousey On Vince McMahon

Rousey’s stance on McMahon is hardly a new one as the UFC Hall of Famer has been outspoken against him and WWE for some time now. In her book Our Fight, Rousey calls McMahon the ‘Emperor Palpatine’ of wrestling, a nod to the Star Wars antagonist. Rousey adds that it is difficult to tell where the “evil, unethical, slimeball character” of Mr. McMahon ends and where Vince McMahon begins.

Speaking to News Nation in April 2024, Rousey said the allegations against McMahon are “not surprising.” She added that any would-be good samaritan in WWE is “being held hostage” by the risk of being punished if they speak out against McMahon. Nevertheless, McMahon’s time with WWE has ended and it’s unlikely we’ll ever see his famous strut ever again.