Rossy Ogawa Disputes Kenny Omega’s Scandalous Allegations About Him

Stardom founder Rossy Ogawa has addressed the scandalous allegations about him levied by Kenny Omega about him last month.

Omega spoke about the Marigold founder on a Twitch stream, calling him an “e-drone” over his working relationship with the WWE. Omega said that many people refuse to work with Ogawa and women stay away from him. He went on to add that Ogawa, “puts underage girls in very revealing swimsuit calendars.”

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Ogawa addressed the claims while talking to Sports Graphic Number, a Japanese sports magazine. In the interview, Ogawa talked about how he was treated in Stardom, which he likened to being an “ornament.” He also talked about the meeting with Triple H, who Ogawa said encouraged and supported him.

Addressing Omega’s comments about him, the Marigold founder said, “I was feeling uncomfortable in Stardom. Things weren’t as I expected, and I felt I couldn’t exert my abilities. They told me to just ‘sit here,’ making me feel like an ornament. It became a general perception that I was causing issues in the one-man system of my predecessor, especially concerning AEW, but that wasn’t the case. Kenny Omega has attacked me with false claims from over there, which is defamation. He wants to be involved in women’s wrestling himself. Still, those who don’t know might think ‘So that’s how it is.’ If that were true, I couldn’t stay in this world.”

Ogawa added that people make various statements, but there is a lot of misinformation. He admitted that the nature of pro-wrestling and fame makes people associate stories like these, which become drama for them to enjoy. He added that even fans in America recognized him, likely due to the controversy, when he was invited to WrestleMania by WWE.

When talking on the Twitch stream, Omega had implied that he was holding back while talking about Ogawa, because he didn’t want “lawyers barking at my door.” It remains to be seen if the AEW VP will address these comments by Ogawa or not. 

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