The Rock Awarded Over $9 Million of TKO Stock After Competing at WrestleMania 40

Dwayne Johnson was awarded 96,558 shares of TKO Group Holdings Class A common stock on Sunday, April 7, the day after returning to the ring at WrestleMania 40. The shares are valued at approximately $9.4 million.

According to a new financial filing, the previously restricted stock units vested upon “completion of certain services described” in his Independent Contractor Services and Merchandising Agreement dated January 22, 2024. He joined TKO’s 13-person Board of Directors the following day.

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That agreement allows WWE to use The Rock’s name, image and likeness for up to ten years in exchange for approximately 400,000 shares of TKO stock currently valued at approximately $39 million.

According to Sportico, the first 25% of shares were awarded in January when the deal was completed. The next 25% will be awarded at the end of the year. Another 25% distributed monthly throughout 2025 and the remaining 25% was the completion of the ‘certain services.’

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