Vince McMahon Represented By Law Firm That Won $20 Million Settlement From WWE

Janel Grant’s lawsuit against Vince McMahon uncovered some heinous allegations. Mr. McMahon’s choice in legal representation is raising eyebrows.

Vince McMahon’s legal representative recently released a statement in response to a new development in the case. Many pro wrestling fans will spot an interesting tie, as McMahon is now using the same law firm that MLW had against WWE in their antitrust lawsuit.

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Vince McMahon’s Interesting Representation

The New York Post released a new report today with some developments on Janel Grant’s lawsuit. In response to new allegations that Vince McMahon used coercive tactics, his attorney released a statement on the matter.

McMahon’s attorney, Jessica Taub Rosenberg of law firm Kasowitz Benson Torres, told the outlet that “this is revisionist history. No one coerced Ms. Grant to write that letter. She wrote it of her own accord. The fact that the letter shows it was the 24th draft speaks volumes.”

Some pro wrestling fans perked up when they saw Kasowitz Benson Torres in that article, especially as they are representing Vince McMahon. That is the same law firm that MLW used in their recent antitrust lawsuit against WWE.

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MLW’s Antitrust Lawsuit Against WWE

MLW and WWE just came to terms on a massive, years-long lawsuit. In the end, WWE forked over $20 million in the settlement.

In January 2022, MLW filed a legal action against WWE, accusing them of coercive behavior to deter partnerships with MLW by third parties like Vice TV and Tubi. After nearly two years, WWE and MLW settled the dispute in December 2023, with recent reports revealing WWE’s financial commitment of $20 million as part of the agreement, shedding light on the outcome of the antitrust lawsuit.

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SEScoops will have more on this story as additional information is made available. Keep checking back throughout the day for more updates!

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