Will Ospreay Likes Triple H, Believes ‘No Harm Done’ After Dynamite Dig

Will Ospreay wants to move on from his comments made towards Triple H and makes it clear that he likes the WWE Creative Content Officer. 

Ospreay has a busy weekend ahead of him as the top AEW star will be challenging Roderick Strong for the International Championship at Double or Nothing this Sunday. In light of his big bout in Las Vegas, Ospreay spoke with some of the media, including Adrian Hernandez and was asked about his comments towards Triple H during an AEW Dynamite promo. 

“People within the company were saying, ‘That was a bag at you.’ I’m over it now. I said my bit. My thing was funny. Everyone took it way too personally. All these old f***s that are like, ‘I have a podcast’ and they think they know everything. I couldn’t give a f*** about these guys.”

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‘The Game’ previously stated that some wrestling talent weren’t willing to be apart of the ‘grind’ of WWE. Ospreay took umbrage with that decided to state that Triple H got his high profile spot due to “grinding on the boss’s daughter.”

Ospreay continued his comments with Hernandez, deciding to dampen down any further tension between he and Triple H, stating that he likes Paul Levesque.

“At the end of it, no harm done. I f***ing like Triple H. It was a little bit hard hearing that s***. I was nothing but respectful in all the talks. I have my own mission, my own objectives, my own goals. Just because it doesn’t fit with your things, it doesn’t mean people should be firing shots my way. I come from a generation where if you fire one at me, I fire one back.”

H/t to Fightful for the transcription.