The Wyatt Sicks Release Another VHS Tape On WWE RAW

The Wyatt Sicks attacking Chad Gable was no coincidence.

The Wyatt Sicks seem to have a target in Chad Gable and that was all the more furthered on the July 1 episode of WWE RAW.

The opening of the episode had the Wyatt Sicks scare off a concerned Gable yet again which led Nikki Cross to once again make her way over to Michael Cole to hand him another box. In that box was another VHS tape and it wasn’t until later on in the episode when that tape was played.

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This Week’s Wyatt Sicks Tape

Much like the tape from last week, this one included more footage of Uncle Howdy “sitting down” with Bo Dallas. Dallas continues to appear conflicted and full of rage as he mentions how the name of Wyatt Sicks brought all these forgotten names together.

“Special implies that others are not, that there’s others that are less than that deserves to be forgotten. We’re the ones that everybody wanted to forget about. We’re the ones that everybody abandoned. We made them notice us.”

Dallas said this bond between them all made them become a family, and he happens to take exception to a certain individual who has been taking advantage of that unity.

“Even now there’s false prophets berating, belitting their family for their own game! It’s disgusting. They must pay for their sins.”

Considering the Wyatts have consistently targeted Chad Gable, it was safe to assume that Dallas was referring to him. Gable confirmed such after a commercial break. We saw Gable approach Otis, who made clear that his issue with The Wyatt Sicks was his problem, not theirs.

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Fan Theories

The Wyatt Sicks are all about mystery and cryptic clues, so fans have already been conditioned to watch everything they do very closely.