Al Sharpton Hosting Raw, Kanye West Rumor Killer


Jim Ross updated his blog at In the blog, JR confirms a big name hosting Raw next week, addresses the rumor of Kanye West to WWE and discusses whether the planned Jeff Hardy DVD has been shelved.

Next week’s Raw guest host: “The Reverend Al Sharpton is guest hosting Monday Night Raw next week for the show that emanates from Albany, New York. Reverend Al is a charismatic individual who definitely elicits a response out of a wide spectrum of individuals. It will be interesting to see how Reverend Al defends himself when the main stream media comes after him asking Sharpton why he’s appearing on Monday Night Raw. Hey, I think it’s a fun idea as Sharpton has a quick wit and can be awfully entertaining at times and I will definitely watch Raw to see how things go but you can bet your last rib that Reverend Al will be raked over the coals by some near sighted good on one of the seemingly endless news programs because of next Monday’s Guest Hosting role.”

Kanye West To WWE?: I even saw on the ‘net that it was alleged that WWE had offered Kanye “$10M” to step in the ring and wrestle which is so outlandish and ridiculous that it’s insane. I can see why some wrestling websites do all they can to distance themselves from other sites as I read recently where I was in another state having a clandestine meeting with a company which was totally untrue. There was no meeting nor was I in the city that I was, according to a wrestling website, seen by eye witnesses.

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Whether WWE has canceled the planned DVD on Jeff Hardy or not: “To the best of my knowledge, the WWE hasn’t pulled the plug on the Jeff Hardy DVD as of yet. With so much legal maneuvering still ahead I can see this project become slowed until more info is available or postponed. However, as has been said many times in this and many other businesses, controversy creates cash. As I understand it, and this is certainly subject to change, the Jeff Hardy DVD will be released prior to the holidays around the first of December.”