JR Blog: Flair Wrestling Again, One More Match For Austin?


WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross has updated his blog at JRsBarBQ.com. JR talks about what Steve Austin is upto these days, Ric Flair’s decision coming out of retirement and whether he would follow in the footsteps of Jesse Ventura, Jerry Lawler and Linda McMahon ever consider a career in politics. The highlights:

Steve Austin: “Steve Austin is on the cover of the current Muscle and Fitness Magazine. Great story on Steve in the prestigious publication about his new career in film. Steve is attacking his movie roles with the same intensity, preparation and attention to details as he did when he was wrestling. Steve is in awesome physical condition which always leads fans to speculate if he will come back for ‘one more match.’

“Officially, only Austin can definitively answer that question but I know him pretty well and I think he made his last foray in wrestling at WM25 with the possible exception of a guest shot, non wrestling, here and there but even that is my own personal speculation. Hopefully, fans of ‘Stone Cold’ will support Steve’s movie work as religiously as they did his hell raising inside the ring. We talk regularly this time of the year and 90 percent of our discussions concern college football of which we are both major fans.”

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Ric Flair Coming Out of Retirement: “It looks like the ‘Naitch’ may be joining Hulk Hogan‘s upcoming tour. What a reality show this tour would make if we never saw a single wrestling match. I’d watch it!”

Getting into Politics: “I got an email asking if I had any political aspirations such as The King, et al and I said not just no but HELL no. Being an elected official would cut into my BBQ and Football time not to mention my ‘day job’ of being Todd Grisham’s sidekick on Smackdown.”