Backstage News On How WWE Booked Hell In A Cell


Various changes were made to the booking of Sunday’s Hell in a Cell PPV according to One match that WWE spent a lot of time crafting was the SmackDown IC title match between John Morrison and Dolph Ziggler. WWE views both men as future stars on the verge of moving to the next level, so its understandable that the WWE producers gave the booking of this one extra attention.

In addition the match order itself was also changed around several times before WWE settled on what we saw last night on PPV. At one point, there was talk of putting Randy Orton vs. John Cena on as the main event, which didn’t happen.  Additionally, most do not believe Undertaker vs. CM Punk was initially scheduled to open the show.

Based on how the match order played out, its clear WWE tried to space out the three Hell in a Cell matches. This is similar to what WWE has done at WrestleManias in the past, spacing out the title matches with undercard matches. This is why we saw Drew McIntire vs. Ron Killings in the second to last match of the night.

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As has been reported, WWE creative as well as the talent roster have expressed some concern about having to book multiple, identical gimmick matches on the new specialty pay-per-views.