Before The Undertaker Was A Star, Today's Birthdays


— Happy birthday to Paul Burchill, who turns 30 day and WWE United States champion The Miz, who turns 29.

Miz posted a message on his page saying, “thanks for all the birthday wishes the mizfits remember. what am i doin on my bday? working of course have a thq video game appearance.”

— Former TNA creative team member Dutch Mantel has posted a blog this week where he talks about working with The Undertaker before he became a star. Mantel wrote on

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“When I first became acquainted with Mark, he was the complete opposite of what he is today. His hair was cropped short and he had no tattoos. When I first laid eyes on him, he actually looked too clean cut to be a wrestler. Today, he is a walking tat advert. He turned out to be a great guy and for a man his size, he moved like silk”

He continued, “At first glance, Mark had all the physical tools to succeed in the pro wrestling business. He had the size, the look and the raw talent to be a HUGE star. His next hurdle he would face would be to decide if he possessed the temperament to succeed. Over the next several months, I got to know Mark Calaway’s temperament very well and he passed the test.”