Ex-WWE Diva Calls Randy Orton A "Dirtbag", Hogan News


— In an interview with ohsodivalicious.org, Amy Weber discusses her experiences in the Diva Search, WWE, the wrestling business in general, and her life. She also put some rumors to rest about her release and how she was treated “by the boys.”

“I left on account of pure harassment and being treated like a piece of dirt by some of the male wrestlers for no reason,” Weber said. “I am actually a very sweet person. Yes, I played a “heel” for WWE but that is not my personality. I go out of my way to help others and a few of the guys made my decision to leave very easy. If they treated someone like that in the real world, they would be fired without question but are allowed to get away with nonsense in the WWE.”

Later on during the interview, Weber refers to Randy Orton as a “dirtbag” when playing word association.

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To read the interview in its entirety, click here.

— Apparently in light of Hulk Hogan revealing in his forthcoming book he considered suicide in 2007, the wrestling legend was number one yesterday for top searches on Yahoo.com.

— Linda Bollea plans on releasing a statement shortly reacting to book excerpts labeling her as an abusive alcoholic.

“In public, we were all having the time of our lives, but that public image only further masked the problems that were growing behind the scenes… There were plenty of times when Linda would lose it, but no one wanted to see that kind of ugliness on TV,” Hogan wrote.