Kurt Angle Court Hearing Rescheduled After Accuser No-Shows


Kurt Angle was in court on Tuesday to address charges that he harassed his ex-girlfriend, Trenesha Biggers (TNA knockout Rhaka Kahn). Biggers did not show up for the hearing, so prosecutors requested a postponement. District Judge Marry Murray granted the postponement, but if Biggers no-shows again, the charges against Angle will be dropped.

Outside the court house, the Olympic gold medalist and TNA superstar told reporters, “All I can say is I’m innocent and I just want to move on with my life … I never asked for this and I would never do this to anybody. What has happened to me is a darn shame.”

Angle’s defense attorney Michelle Santicola said Biggers not showing up to court is another example of how she conducts herself. “She told the officer that she would be here. We’re not surprised that she once again told an untruth because the affidavit of probable cause is filled with her untruths.”

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