Angle, Nash & Sid Starring In Straight-to-DVD Zombie Movie


Kurt Angle has landed another acting gig and will be starring in a straight-to-DVD independent zombie movie, titled “River of Darkness.” It gets better.

Set to be released some time next year on DVD, the synopsis at reads:

Unspeakable evil has fallen on a quiet river town. Sheriff Logan [Angle] is thrust into a chilling nightmare of death and mayhem that paralyzes the town. He then learns of the community’s seedy past and the evil that has risen from purgatory to exact revenge on the town. He is confronted by the spirits of old river squatters, “The Jacobs Boys,” who possess the very essence of evil.

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The zombie Jacobs boys will be played by none other than Kevin Nash and Psycho Sid Vicious. WOW.

The movie will also feature an appearance by Ray Lloyd, better known to WCW fans as Glacier.