Lashley's Stock Down In TNA, New Lacey Von Erich Photos


— In case you haven’t noticed, there is something of a youth movement going on in TNA. Company president Dixie Carter is very high on pushing the younger talent and has made it clear that anyone who objects won’t last long, according to a report on

Carter has identified AJ Styles, Matt Morgan and Hernandez as the three men in line for big pushes in the organization. Bobby Lashley had been on that list, but company officials have cooled on investing heavily in him as a result of his other career in MMA. While he’ll be featured prominently when his schedule allows him to work, Carter has determined that she can’t build her company around a wrestler who won’t be there on a full-time basis. Hence, Lashley is no longer mentioned as one of the stars Carter is banking on to lead TNA in the future and his stock in the company is down.

— As seen last night on Impact, Lacey Von Erich made her debut in TNA by aligning herself with “The Beautiful People” and attacking the Knockout Tag Team Champions, Taylor Wilde and Sarita. The TNA website has posted her first photo shoot at the following link.

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