Matt Hardy Playing More Games With Wrestling News Sites


Earlier this week, Matt Hardy posted a message on his Twitter page that said he’s tired of “being punished because of someone else’s sins.” Since Matt was only been on WWE television once since his brother’s Jeff’s arrest on September 11th, some speculated that Matt’s Twitter remarks were implying that he was being punished by WWE for Jeff’s behavior.

After a few sites out there took the bait, Matt posted a message on his MySpace blog

Last night, since almost every WWE personality was in Boston for The Decade Of Smackdown show, we all went out to eat after the show last night. A huge tab ended up being comped, which was very cool. Everyone was gonna leave generous tips because the meal was free obviously, and we wanted to take care of our servers. I was one of the last ones to leave, and was figuring up the tip. The tip wasn’t as good as I would have liked it to have been from a couple of the guys. So I left an extremely large tip at the end before leaving. I joked and said it was a sin that I had to pay for other people’s mistakes and cheapness. I bet a couple of my closest WWE friends that if I posted a tweet rephrasing the situation as “I am exhausted from being punished because of someone else’s sins”, that the wrestling media would pick up that comment and run with it as something completely different. Low and behold, almost every site did.

While there may be a few copy and paste “newz” sites out there that reported Matt was in fact talking about Jeff, most reputable sites did what we did – posted Hardy’s comments and allowed readers to connect the dots themselves.

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