Paul Heyman Accuses Pop Star Rihanna Of Ripping Off ECW


ECW creator Paul Heyman has accused pop star Rihanna of ripping off ECW’s 1998 music album “Extreme Music” for her new album, Russian Roulette. Heyman wrote the following on his Heyman Hustle site:

The entertainment community is abuzz about Rihanna’s new album cover , where the once-but-never-again-almost- Mrs.-Chris-Brown is wrapped up in barbed wire, with her right arm in the air, and blood dripping on the cover design.

Hmmmmmmmmmmm……… is this familiar to anyone?

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…[H]ere’s Rihanna’s album cover today, and here’s The Sandman on the cover of the ECW album in 1998. Hardcore thievery? Dangerously Inspired? “Extreme” Coincidence?

Rihanna Album Cover Sandman ECW Cover

What do you think? Did ECW invent barbed wire??