Recap Of Hulk Hogan On Late Night w/ Jimmy Fallon


Hulk Hogan appeared on NBC’s Late Night with Jimmy Fallon last night. Fallon plugged his book and his “long-awaited return to pro wrestling” during Hulk’s intro. Jimmy talks about how he had all of the Hulk Hogan merchandise like the bandanas and dolls.

First, they talk about his book. Hulk says that he bottomed out, and everything disappeared at once which is what lead to the book. He recalls when he was about to open up American Gladiators and received the phone call that his wife was filing for divorce right before he was about to head onto the stage. He talks about having two of the worst days of his life when he got into his “old wrestler mentality” with drinking and taking pills. He says his main message is that things are cool and things get better. He says Eric Bischoff and Jimmy Hart told him he needs to speak up about his situation after he was getting slammed in the tabloids for so many months.

He speaks on Lou Albano passing away and says he was a great friend of his.

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Jimmy says that The Hulkster just announced that he’s back wrestling again. Hulk says he’s going to get his legs back in Australia, and is going to be working with TNA. He says there has only been one wrestling company for the fans to watch, and he wants to start things back up again. He says he thinks he knows a little something about the wrestling business and wants to talk to all of the young wrestlers. There was no mention of tonight’s TNA iMPACT on Spike TV.

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