Jim Ross Suffers 3rd Bell’s Palsy Attack (Updated)


While on a Monday night flight from Oklahoma to Columbia, South Carolina for tonight’s SmackDown tapings, WWE Hall of Famer Jim Rosss suffered his 3rd Bells palsy attack. He was able to reach WWE doctors and they called in the medicines he needed to get started on to slow down the paralysis. He wrote on JRsBarBQ.com this afternoon:

“This isn’t my first challenge I’ve had to deal with and there are lots of folks that have much worse issues than do I that they contend with on a daily basis. My intention is to fight thru this and continue doing what I love.”

“The wrestling business and those that work in it have become such a huge part of my life and the way I see it this is just another bump in the road as I am far from “tapping out. With all the fans that have always supported me thru 35 years, I know I won’t be going thru this alone.”

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Ross had planned to work tonight’s WWE SmackDown tapings alongside Jerry “Lawler,”  filling in for the recently married Tod Grisham. Those plans have now changed.

“It has been decided that I should not risk further issues by working tonight and I am in the process of arranging a flight back to OKC so I can see a neurologist on Wednesday.”

“I want to be a part of Bragging Rights but only time will tell if that will be physically possible. My passion and love for the game is in tact but I have to do what’s best for my long term health”

“Life is about facing the challenges we encounter so I am going to do all I can to get better and back at the announce desk asap. I wish I had more answers but I simply don’t at this time … Never count me out of the game as this isn’t the first mountain that I have had to climb. Jerry Lawler and Michael Cole will handle SD from Columbia. My thanks to every one for understanding this matter. Better days are on the horizon.

Ross said he’s grateful that WWE has been “tremendously supportive” of his situatiion.

We wish JR a full and speedy recovery.

I was able to reach WWE doctors who were in Jacksonville for Raw and they were able to call in the medicines I needed to get started on to slow down the paralysis