*SPOILERS* SmackDown Tapings Results For Tonight


Thanks to reader Jon Hewett for sending in this live report from last night’s SmackDown tapings:

– Batista & Mysterio vs. Jericho & Kane tonight.

Chris Jericho starts things off. Bragging Rights hype. JTG interrupts, then Vickie Guerrero interrupts. JTG’s better on the mic. Eric Escobar comes out, then Dolph Ziggler, then Drew McIntyre. Finally, Kane. Kane & Jericho run down their team for not being ready and set up a 4 on 5 tag match, because Shad is sick. Different stipulation than Raw’s 5 on 5 match.  This time, if a member of Team Smackdown loses, the whole team is replaced.

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– 1st Match – Eric Escobar, JTG, Drew McIntyre & Dolph Ziggler vs. The Hart Dynasty, Finlay, Matt Hardy & R-Truth. Long match. Hardy pins JTG with a Twist of Fate after Finlay with a shillelagh hit.

CM Punk, Scott Armstrong and Teddy Long are in the back talking about the screw job. Armstrong bails out, but runs into Vince McMahon.

– 2nd Match – John Morrison vs. Mike Knox. Morrison wins with Starship Pain.  Morrison gives a short promo after the match.

– Jericho & Kane congratulate Hardy and company on replacing all 5 of the old Smackdown team.

– Mickie James, Michelle McCool, Mae Young and Beth Phoenix promo. Young slaps the fool out of McCool.

– Batista & Rey talk backstage.

– 3rd Match – Batista & Mysterio vs. Jericho & Kane. Pyrofest 2009. Batista pins Kane with a spear after Mysterio scarifies himself to Kane on a chokeslam.

Vince McMahon talks up tonight’s main event. Armstrong caved in. Taker-McMahon WrestleMania 26 foreshadowing here. Vince blackmails Armstrong by saying Bullet Bob could go in Hall of Fame this year if he cooperates.

– 4th Match – Mickie James vs. Layla. Mickie wins with a spin kick. And let’s just say she’s gotten the message from being moved.

– Captain Lou package.

– Cole & King hype Bragging Rights.

– 5th Match – CM Punk vs. Undertaker -  Submission Match for the World Heavyweight Title. Punk and company come out with a Straight Edge promo. Great simple stuff from Punk. Taker wins with Hell’s Gate despite Punk’s attempts at another screwjob. Punk tapped way too quickly.

– Taker plays to the crowd to send us home happy.