WWE Bragging Rights PPV Results: New WWE Champion

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WWE bragging rights begins with a video package highlighting the main feuds heading into tonight’s PPV.

Michael Cole, Jerry Lawler and Todd Grisham welcome us to the show.  Apparently the winner of two out of three of the brand matches will win a Bragging Rights trophy.  Miz’s music hits, and one of the inter-promotional matches will be kicking us off tonight.

Match #1: Unites States Champion The Miz vs. Intercontinental Champion John Morrison

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We get a video package between entrances, showing the history between these two men. Miz comes out first and gets a lot of boos. John Morrison is out next to a nice reception from the crowd.  Jericho and team Smackdown are shown in the back watching on the monitor, followed by Team Raw watching too. Morrison and Miz jaw at each other for a bit before locking up and starting out with some chain wrestling.  Miz makes it to the ropes when Morrison gets an advantage, forcing a break.  The two lock back up and Morrison quickly takes Miz down again.  Morrison locks in an arm bar, but Miz fights out, he quickly falls victim to a fireman’s carry from Morrison though.  Morrison hits a pair of shoulder blocks and locks in a headlock, tossing Miz into the corner.  Miz bails to the outside to a ton of heat from the crowd.

Miz makes his way back into the ring and he kicks Morrison in the midsection before taking him over into a side headlock.  Morrison fights his way out, but Miz comes back with a shoulder block.  Morrison connects with a hot shot before hitting a big standing shooting star press.  Morrison goes for the pin but he can only get two.  Miz backs Morrison into the corner and starts pounding down on him before sending Morrison to the outside.

Miz tries to bring Morrison back in with a suplex but Morrison comes in with a roll up instead.  Miz goes for a knee lift but Morrison fights out and clotheslines Miz over the top rope.  Morrison leaps through the ropes with a big kick that sends Miz to the floor.  Morrison sends Miz into the ring and goes for the quick cover, but Miz kicks out at two.  Morrison goes for a headscissors, but Miz throws him down to the arena floor instead.

Morrison makes his way back into the ring where he quickly falls victim to a side slam.  Miz goes for the cover but he can only get two.  Miz buries his knee in Morrison’s back and yanks back on his arm, trying for a submission, but Morrison fights his way out with a modified mule kick.  Miz sends Morrison into the corner and hits the big clothesline before pulling hitting Morrison with a big running knee to the head.  Miz locks in a sleeper hold and Morrison tries to fight out.

Morrison fights his way out and scores a couple of quick roll ups, but Miz is able to kick out at two.  Morrison and Miz trade kicks and strikes with Morrison getting the advantage with a running forearm.  Morrison connects with a big leg lariat and goes for the pin, but Miz kicks out.  Miz scores a quick roll up, but again he can’t keep Morrison down.  Morrison pounds on Miz until the ref breaks it up.  Miz tries for a clothesline, but he misses and walks right into a springboard kick.  Morrison goes for the pin but Miz gets his foot on the rope.

Morrison goes for Starship Pain, but Miz bails to the floor where he eats a corkscrew plancha from Morrison.  Morrison throws Miz back into the ring and goes for the pin but Miz is still able to kick out.  Morrison puts Miz on the top turnbuckle and he goes for a superplex but Miz is able to knock him back to the mat.  Miz connects with a double ax handle to the head.  Miz goes for the SCF, but Morrison fights out and hits a reverse Russian leg sweep.  Morrison goes for Starship Pain, but Mix sweeps his legs out from under him, goes for the pin, and the ref counts to three.

Winner: The Miz by pinfall

We get an update on the situation in Team Smackdown where R-Truth, Matt Hardy, Finlay and the Hart Foundation qualified for Team Smackdown over the old team.  They compare the two teams heading into tonight’s match.

Cody Rhodes is backstage saying that it’s pretty much going to be a clean sweep for Team Raw.  R-Truth tells him to hold up.  Rhodes says that unlike R-Truth, he was able to win his first qualifier, but Truth is a second rate competitor on a second rate team.  R-Truth says that the truth is that Cody’s dad is the only reason on Raw.  He says he wouldn’t be surprised if Cody makes a name for himself by being the one pinned tonight.  Big Show is behind Truth, he accuses him of taking cheap shots.  Show says he’s learned a lot from Jericho, but that’s not how they do things on Raw.  Show says that Raw will let their actions speak for themselves.

Match #2: RAW Divas vs. SmackDown Divas
Divas Champion Melina, Kelly Kelly and Gail Kim vs. Women’s Champion Michelle McCool, Beth Phoenix and Natalya

Team Smackdown is out first, followed by Team Raw, and both teams get fairly decent reactions from the crowd.

Beth Phoenix and Gail Kim start out things for their respective teams with Beth showing her power right off the bat.  Kim is able to use her quickness to score a roll up, but she falls victim to an immediate clothesline.  McCool tags in and goes to work on Kim, but she eats a hurricarana and goes back to her corner to tag in Natalya.  Natalya takes down Beth with a couple of quick forearms and a big body slam, but she misses the elbow and a charge into the corner, leaving her open for a modified spear.

Kelly tags into the match and hits a big headscissors on Natalya, before getting hung up on the top rope by Natalya.  Natalya goes for the pin but she can only get two.  She backs Kelly up into her team’s corner before distracting the ref, allowing her teammates to work over Kelly.  Kelly fights out, but McCool tags herself in and stomps away at her.  McCool backs her up into the corner again and tags in Phoenix who hits a snap mare and goes for the pin, getting two.  Phoenix locks in a modified chin lock, but Kelly is able to fight out, although she can’t make a tag.

McCool makes her way back in and dominates Kelly, slamming her down to the mat before hitting a big knee life.  Beth tags herself in and slams Kelly’s head into the corner, but Kelly is able to hit a quick hurricana and a near fall.  Kelly is finally able to make the tag to Melina who comes in and cleans house on Beth Phoenix, hitting a big dropkick and a drop toe hold into the ropes.  Beth hits Melina with a suplex but Melina turns it into a roll up.  McCool flips it over, but it’s only good for two.

Beth connects with an implant buster type maneuver on Melina, and pins her for the three count.

Winners: Smackdown Divas by pinfall

DX is shown backstage watching the monitor.  They say that they have to win their match tonight.  Swagger interrupts and says does it really matter, the team is better because they have him.  Michaels says that Swagger needs to learn respect.  Hunter says as a team, Raw shouldn’t even be able to get along.  They talk about Mark Henry’s relationship with Mae Young, shoving McMahon into Big Show’s ass, and exposing Kingston as a fake Jamaican.  HBK says if Swagger wants to walk out on the team, he can, and HBK will replace him with the first person he sees.  Hornswoggle walks into the picture and Micheals says maybe not.  Triple H says tonight is bigger than a match, it about honor and pride.  Hunter says they have to win tonight, so he needs to know if his team is ready.  Micheals puts his hand in the middle and everyone else follows.  They all say Raw together, and it’s a very heartwarming moment.  Kinda like the Mighty Ducks.

Match #3: Four-Way Match for the World Heavyweight Championship
World Hvt. Champion The Undertaker vs. C.M. Punk vs. Batista vs. Rey Mysterio

Batista is out first to a huge pop from the crowd.  CM Punk is out to a somewhat mixed reaction.  Not a lot of people are cheering for him, but a small contingent is.  He talks smack to Batista before laughing in his face. Undertaker’s gong hits, the lights go out, and the crowd goes nuts.  CM Punk looks concerned and he whispers something in the referee’s ear as the Undertaker makes his way out.  The crowd goes wild when he steps out onto the stage. We get the formal introductions for everyone as they all stare each other down in their own corner of the ring.

Punk jumps Mysterio at the bell before bailing to the outside.  He comes back into the ring where he forces the Undertaker to hit Batista with a clothesline.  Punk pounds on Undertaker in the corner for a bit, but his advantage doesn’t last long before the Undertaker throws him over the top rope to the outside, where Mysterio hits a seated senton.  Batista and Undertaker square off for a bit with Undertaker coming out on top.  Undertaker then quickly dispatches Mysterio with a big boot before working over Batista’s arm.  Taker connects with old school on Batista and turns his attention to Mysterio for another old school, but he gets sent down by Punk.

Punk tries for a superplex, but Taker fights him off for a bit, Punk eventually connects and Mysterio goes for a quick cover but Punk breaks it up.  Batista comes back into the match, hitting a huge slam on Punk but he quickly falls victim to a big boot from Taker.  Mysterio tries for a hurricarana on Taker but Taker catches him.  Taker goes for the last ride but Batista connects with a spear.  Mysterio goes for the cover but Taker sets him up for the chokeslam.  Batista and Rey Mysterio hit a 619/spinebuster combo, but CM Punk breaks up Batista’s pin attempt.

Punk connects with a go to sleep on Mysterio but Batista breaks it up.  Undertaker locks in Hell’s gate on Batista out of nowhere but CM Punk breaks it up and pounds away at Taker.  Punk stomps away on Batista before connecting with his running knee in the corner on Taker.  Taker holds on though and hits the last ride on Punk, but Batista breaks up the pin.

Batista and Taker square off with big right hands, Batista gets the best of it, but Taker connects with a big chokeslam out of nowhere.  He goes for the pin but Punk breaks it up again.  Punk picks up Taker and starts to pound away at him, but Taker goes for the chokeslam.  Punk kicks away at his knees to break it up, but Taker sends Punk to the outside over the top rope.  Taker signals for the tombstone and he gets Batista up, but Batista fights out and connects with the Batista bomb, but Mysterio breaks it up and goes for a cover of his own.  Batista and Mysterio argue, and Batista shoves Rey down to the outside.  Undertaker connects with a chokeslam on Batista and he goes for the pin but Batista kicks out.

Taker goes for another chokeslam but Batista fights out and both men his simultaneous clotheslines.  Punk sneaks in and goes for a pin on both men but both kick out at two.  Punk gets frustrated and allows for time for Batista to send him to the outside.  Batista catches Mysterio and he throws his to the outside on top of Punk.  Batista turns around straight into a tombstone from Taker.  Taker pins Batista and the ref counts three.

Winner and STILL World Heavyweight Champion: The Undertaker

Josh Matthews is in the ring after the match and he asks Mysterio how it feels to come so close to winning the World Championship.  Mysterio says that he and Batista did their best to help each other out, he apologizes to Batista and gives him a hug.  Mysterio says they were both close, but it didn’t work out tonight.  Matthews asked at what point he felt the match slip away from him.  Mysterio says whatever happened happened and tomorrow is another day.  Matthews asks Batista how he’s feeling.  Batista asks Rey and the fans if they think they were close.  Batista says he doesn’t think they were close, he thinks he was close, and that he’s tired of coming this close.  He also says he thinks he’s tired of his best friend stabbing him in the back.  Batista says he’s not playing, he says he’s going to rip his head off.  Batista drops the mic and stares down Mysterio before hitting a nasty lariat.  Batista sends Rey out to the floor, where he follows stomping away and screaming at him.  Batista screams in Rey’s face while Mysterio pleads with him to stop.  Batista launches Mysterio into the ringside barricade and the ref is in to stop things.  Batista attacks quickly again with another vicious clothesline and he leaves Rey lying.

We get a video package of fan opinions of who is going to win in the big tag match tonight, it’s pretty split, but it seems a bit more heavy for Team Raw.

14-Man Team Raw vs. Team Smackdown Bragging Rights match
Triple H, Shawn Michaels, Cody Rhodes, Kofi Kingston, Jack Swagger, Big Show, and Mark Henry vs. Chris Jericho, Kane, Finlay, Matt Hardy, R-Truth, DH Smith & Tyson Kidd

DX’s music hits and Hunter and Shawn make their way out to the ring first for their team.  to a huge pop from the crowd. The Raw music hits and the rest of the team make their way out to the ring (way to make everyone seem equal, huh?).

Chris Jericho‘s music hits and he makes his way to the bottom of the ramp where he waits for his co-captain Kane.  One major difference between Team Raw and Team Smackdown is that at least the captains of Team Smackdown are wearing their shirts prominently.  Smackdown’s music hits and the rest of the team makes their way down the ramp.

All 14 men square off in the ring and the referee holds the Bragging Rights trophy high.  Cody Rhodes and R-Truth are going to start things off for their respective teams.  Cody hits Truth with a quick kick and it quickly devolves into a fight.  Truth hits a big back kick, but he gets caught with a big back elbow and Rhodes and Truth fight on the ground for a bit.  Big Show tags in.

Kane tags in for Smackdown and the big men square off.  Kane starts things off with some strikes and a kick, he avoids a Big Show splash in the corner and hits a lariat, but he falls victim to a big shoulder block and a leg drop from Show.  Show tags in Swagger who comes in and works over Kane while talking smack.  Kane comes back with a big right hand and tags in Matt Hardy.  Hardy comes in and smashes Swagger’s head into the turnbuckle and hitting a big lariat.  Hardy tries for a suplex but Swagger fights out.  Hardy pulls Swagger’s shirt up and pounds away at him, hitting a big boot and following it up with a second rop leg drop.

Swagger bails to the floor and Hardy follows hitting a big lariat.  all 14 men square off on the floor and the ref tries to keep things separate.  Hardy and Swagger make their way back into the ring where Swagger works over Hardy’s arm with a single arm DDT.  Swagger tags in Henry, who comes in and pounds on Hardy in the corner before continuing to work over Hardy’s arm.  Henry hits a big head butt on Hardy, but when he tries for an elbow drop, Hardy rolls out of the way.  Hardy can’t make the tag though before Henry flings him back across the ring and tags in Michaels.

Michaels chops away at Hardy before sending him into the corner.  HBK sends Hardy into the ropes, but he falls victim to a kick and a side effect from Hardy.  Hardy makes his way to his corner and tags in Finlay who comes in and quickly slams Michaels down to the mat.  Michaels fights back though, but not for long as Finlay sends him hard into the corner.  Finlay connects with a short arm clothesling and a quick European uppercut before pounding away at HBK in the corner.  Micheals sends Finlay into the corner but Finlay turns around and both men crack heads and go down.

Both men get to their feet at the same time, but HBK hits sweet chin music.  Smith makes a blind tag and they hit the Hart attack and go for a quick pin but HBK kicks out.  Smith tags in Jericho who smirks and throws his shirt in Michaels’ face.  Jericho locks in a modified sleeper but HBK is quick to fight back.  He fights his way out of the hold and he rolls up Jericho, but he falls victim to a quick lariat.

Jericho stomps on Micheals and tags in Kane who comes in and hits a low kick to HBK’s face.  Kane goes for the pin but Micheals kicks out at two.  Kane punches Michaels in the face before tagging in Smith, who locks in a sleeper.  The crowd gets behind Micheals, who makes his way to his eet and fights out of the hold, but Smith quickly retaliates with a side belly to back suplex, which is good for another near fall.  Smith slams Michaels down and tags in Kidd, who goes for a springboard elbow drop, but he misses.  Michaels is able to make the tag to HHH who comes in and cleans house on the Hart Dynasty and Finlay with a couple of big spinebusters.  He turns right around though into a big chokeslam from Kane.

Kidd pins Hunter, but Triple H kicks out at two.  Both men go for their corners.  Kidd tags in Jericho who comes in and hits a bull dog on Hunter.  Jericho goes for a lionsault but Hunter rolls out of the way.  Hunter tags in Kingston who comes in and works over Jericho with a big dropkick, lariat and boom drop.  Jericho blocks the boom drop though and almost locks in the walls of Jericho but Kofi fights out and is able to connect with trouble in paradise.  The Hart Dynasty comes in to break up the pin and things begin to break down.  All 14 men are fighting.  Swagger hits his gut-wrench powerbomb, but he falls victim to a big boot from Kane, who falls victim to a spear from Big Show.  Kofi goes up top and Big Show grabs him by the throat and hits a big chokeslam.  Show hits the knockout punch on Hunter and leaves the ring.

Jericho pins Kingston, and gets the win for his team.

Winners: Team Smackdown by pinfall

Smackdown celebrates with the trophy after the match.  They all hand it around to each other.

Kingston is shown backstage where he’s blamed by Rhodes, who calls him a weak link.  Rhodes attacks Kingston and throws him into the wall.

Match #5: Iron Man Match for the WWE Championship:
WWE Champion Randy Orton vs. John Cena
* No DQ or Countout – Cena must leave Raw if he loses

A video package is shown with highlights from all the matches these two men have been in with each other.

Randy Orton is out first to a surprisingly warm reception from the crowd.  He makes his way (very slowly) to the ring. Cena is out next, to a very nice reception from this crowd.  He runs down to the ring where he poses for the fans.  We get formal introductions for both men, and this time around both men get a fair share of love and boos from the crowd.

Cena and Orton and lock up, Cena goes for an arm bar and turns it into a side headlock.  Orton backs Cena up into the corner where he fights out of the hold and pounds down on Cena.  Orton locks in a side headlock of his own, taking Cena down to the mat.  Cena is quick to fight out, sending Orton into the ropes.  Cena hits a big hip toss, but he’s sent into the corner by Orton.

Orton stomps away at Cena in the corner, but he takes too much time and he’s sent into the opposite corner by Cena.  Cena goes for a bull dog but Orton launches him across the ring instead.  Orton stomps away at Cena on the mat before rearing back and punching him square in the face.

q  Orton takes his time and stares at Cena for a little while, which leads to him falling victim to the STF.  Orton taps out quickly, and the first fall goes to Cena.

Orton – 0 : Cena – 1

Both men square off with right hands and Orton gets the advantage with a scoop slam.  Orton kicks at Cena’s shoulder before blatantly choking him.  Orton continues to wear down Cena, stomping away at him.  Orton sends Cena to the apron and suplexes him back into the ring.  He goes for the pin, but Cena is able to kick out at two.  Orton locks in a rear chin lock and takes Cena down to the mat.

Cena is able to get back to his feet, but Orton clamps down and Cena alls back to the mat.  Cena looks to be fading, but he once again is able to make his way back to his feet.  Cena fights out of the hold this time, and he’s able to kick Orton in the midsection and hit a quick blockbuster.  Cena goes up to the top rope and connects with the leg drop to the back of Orton’s neck.

Cena goes for the five knuckle shuffle, but when he turns around he’s surprised by an RKO from Orton.  Orton pins Cena and gets the three.

Orton – 1 : Cena – 1

Orton sends Cena to the floor and he follows out.  Orton slams Cena’s head into the steel stairs before dragging him over to the announce table area.  He slams Cena’s head into the apron and begins disassembling the announce table.  Orton grabs a monitor and he whacks Cena in the skull.  Orton goes for the pin but Cena kicks out.

Orton sends Cena back into the ring and he goes for a mic.  Orton hits Cena square in the head and he goes for another pin but Cena is able to kick out again.  Cena is actually busted open on the top of his head and Orton punches away at the wound.  The ref tries to get the medic to check out Cena’s cut and they stop the clock, but Cena attacks Orton and the clock starts again.  Cena launches Orton over the top rope and to the floor.  He follows out and slams Ortons head into the steel stairs, but Orton is able to reverse an Irish whip and send Cena into the stairs.  Orton goes for the cover but Cena kicks out.

Orton starts to stalk Cena and looks to be setting up for the RKO,but when he goes for it, Cena pushes him off and hits a duo of shoulder blocks and a side belly to back suplex.  Cena fires himself up and connects with the five knuckle shuffle.  Cena goes for the AA, but Orton counters into the RKO.  Both men’s shoulders are down and both have an arm across each other, and the ref counts three for both men.

Orton – 2 : Cena – 2

The medics continue to check on Cena and he tries to wave them off, but they insist on toweling the blood of Cena’s head.  Orton charges Cena when the match starts again but Cena avoids it and Orton’s shoulder connects with the steel ring post.  Cena puts Orton on the top turnbuckle and he looks to be going for a second rope AA, he connects, and both men are down.  Cena is able to cover Orton, and the ref counts to three.

Orton – 2 : Cena – 3

Legacy run down to the ring where they assault John Cena, beating him down.  Dibiase connects with the dream street and the drag Orton on top of Cena.  The ref counts three and that’s another fall.  Kofi Kingston runs down to the ring with a chair and chases off Legacy.

Orton – 3 : Cena – 3

Cena starts the next fall off with a quick high knee and both men are down.  Cena takes Orton down to the mat and he starts to pound on him but Orton bails to the floor.  Cena follows out and he slams Orton’s head into the guardrail.  Cena and Orton fight up the ramp, with Cena throwing right hands all the way.  Cena sends Orton into another guard rail on the other side of the ramp, but the third time Cena tries, Orton counters and sends Cena in instead.

Orton goes for a pin but Cena is able to kick out at two.  Both men fight over into the tech area.  Orton slams Cena’s head into some controls and some of the pyro on the entrance ramp goes off.  Orton sends Cena into some of the set lighting and there’s a big hokey explosion.  Orton pulls Cena back out and goes for the cover, the ref counts to three.

Orton – 4 : Cena – 3

Orton goes back over to the pyro controls and he starts pressing random buttons.  He follows Cena to the top of the stage, but he grabs a chair first, making sure to whack Cena upon catching up to him.  Orton drags Cena over the pyro strip, and goes back to the controls.  Orton presses down on the button, but it doesn’t work, so he slams down on the controls and sets off a whole load of other pyro.

Cena apparently rolled out of the way of the pyro and Orton is livid.  Orton pounds on Cena and beats him back down the ramp, stopping at the half-way point to pound on the top of Cena’s head.  Orton hits a big European uppercut and pounds on Cena.  Orton launches Cena into the steel ring steps with an Irish whip.

Cena makes his way to his feet, but Orton sends him right back down with another punch.  Orton picks up some of the stairs and he throws them straight at Cena’s head.  Cena’s able to get his hands up though, and when Orton goes for the pin, Cena is able to kick out at two.  Orton looks to be getting frustrated.

Orton punches away at Cena, putting him down on the ground and trying to wear away at Cena.  Orton grabs another chair and he whacks Cena across the back.  Orton goes for a pin but Cena is able to kick out at one.  Orton sends Cena back into the ring.

Orton picks Cena up, but Cena is able to lock in a small package.  Orton won’t break for the interval and he pounds away at Cena instead.  The ref is able to break it up and Orton bails to the outside.

Orton – 4 : Cena – 4

Orton throws a tantrum on the outside, but he’s slow to start at the next fall.  He stalks Cena from the outside, pulling him toward the ring apron.  Orton gets Cena in DDT position, and he sends Cena crashing down headfirst to the floor.  Orton pins Cena and the ref counts to three.

Orton – 5 : Cena – 4

Orton goes for another pin, but Cena is able to kick out at two.  Orton picks Cena up and sends him back into the ring. Orton stomps away at Cena’s limbs, working him over methodically.  Orton locks in a chin lock and pounds on Cena’s chest.  He goes for a cover but Cena kicks out at two.  Orton hits Cena with another big right hand and Cena falls to his back.  Orton goes for a pin but Cena is able to kick out again.

Cena makes his way back to his feet where Orton is waiting behind him.  Orton his yet another big right hand and he goes for the pin, but Cena kicks out at two.

Orton goes for another big punch, but Cena ducks it and connects with a right hand of his own.  Orton bails to the floor and goes all the way up to the top of the entrance ramp.

Cena follows Orton up the ramp and they meet at the top where Orton kicks Cena and works him over with punches and kicks.  Cena is able to fight back and Orton walks back down the ramp and into the ring.

Cena makes his way back down to the ring, but when he slides into the ring, Orton beats down on him.  Orton continues to wear down Cena with some nasty stomps.  Cena rolls out to the apron, and Randy Orton sets him up for the rope assisted DDT, but Cena fights out and goes for the AA.  Orton fights out of that and bails out into the crowd.

Cena follows Orton all the way to the top of the stairs of a section and he connects with a garbage can shot.  Cena sends Orton head first into a wall, and he stomps away at Orton.  Cena punches Orton and Orton stumbles down the stairs away from Cena.

Orton and Cena slowly make their way back to the ringside area, but the continue to fight in the crowd for a bit.  Cena sends Orton back over the guard rail with a hip toss and he goes for a pin, but Orton kicks out at two.

Cena sends Orton head first into some steel stairs and goes for the cover, but Orton is able to kick out again.  Cena beats Orton around the ring and sends him into one of the ringside barricades.

Cena sends Orton into the barricade again and Orton is down on the ground.  Cena picks Orton up, and he sends him through one of the barricades, just absolutely launching Orton.

Orton positions one of the sets of stairs next to the announce table.  Cena picks up another set of stairs and he rams them straight into Orton’s head.  Cena hangs on to the stairs, setting them on top of the other stairs he already put next to the table.

Cena dead lifts Orton up into body slam position and quickly tosses him up on his shoulders into AA position.  Cena climbs the stairs that he just set up and hits the AA on Orton through the announce table and the crowd goes nuts.  Cena pins Orton and the ref counts three.

Orton – 5 : Cena – 5

Cena goes for another pin as soon as possible, but Orton is able to kick out at two and Cena looks shocked. Cena begins looking under the ring and he grabs a table.  Cena slides the table into the ring, where he sets it up in the middle of the ring.

Cena picks Orton up to his feet, but Orton can’t stand.  Cena carries Orton and rolls him back into the ring. Cena lays Orton down on the table.  Cena goes up to the top rope and he dives off with a leg drop, but Orton is able to roll out of the way and Cena crashes through the table.

Both men are very slow to get up.  Orton punches Cena from his knees, and Cena retaliates.  They continue to trade punches, but both seem exhausted.  Both men are back to their feet, and they continue to punch away at each other.

Cena gets in a flurry of strikes and he connects with one shoulder block, but when he goes for another he connects with the ref.  Cena is distracted and when he turns around Orton hits a big RKO.  Orton calls another ref down and he goes for the cover but Cena kicks out at two.

Orton is upset and he attacks the other ref, sending him down to the mat.  Orton appears to be extremely upset.  Orton backs up and sets up for the punt, but Cena avoids it and is able to counter with the STF.  Orton tries to make it to the ropes and he looks up at the scoreboard.

Orton is finally forced to tap with four seconds on the clock and John Cena ekes out another fall.

Orton – 5 : Cena – 6

Winner and NEW WWE Champion: John Cena

Cena poses with the title for a bit in the ring and the announcer recap some of the bigger spots in the match.  Cena makes his way to the top of the ramp, and walks out tall with the title over his shoulder.  The PPV ends with Orton shown recovering in the ring.

Thanks to everybody who joined us for our live coverage of WWE‘s Bragging Rights!