WWE Stars React To Last Night's Tri-branded Divas Trade


On Twitter, a few WWE stars have given their thoughts regarding last night’s tri-branded WWE Divas trade — which saw seven Divas change brands. Here are a few comments:

  • The Bella Twins on being moved back to Raw: “And yes we’re back on RAW! We’re very excited! We’ll miss ECW! :) Peace Love & Twins! Besos! B&N”
  • * Eve Torres on being moved to Raw: “Thx for all your comments! Of course, I am going to miss my Blue Crew like crazy, but I’m excited about the opportunity in my new home…”
  • “That’s right!… You can now find me on Monday Night Raw… Goodbye SmackDown! *Tear*”
  • “I’ma miss my boys @ShadBeast & @JTG1284 … But something tells me they’ll be fine without me! ;-( Who’s going to keep Natalya away?”
  • JTG’s reaction to Eve moving to Raw: “I miss my homegirl already, I miss you @evemarietorres.”
  • Chris Jericho’s reaction to JTG’s reaction to Eve leaving SmackDown: “cry me a river bee-yotch…”
  • Layla on her friends moving to Raw: Gd morning…workout time! Goodluck to @evemarietorres @thebellatwins I will Miss Ya Lots!!’
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