DDP Says Whether He's Interested In Joining TNA Wrestling


(Thanks to Ernie Valenzuela)

Diamond Dallas Page did an interview with ForceofWrestling. A couple questions asked to him were:

1) If he could have one last match who would it be and why?

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He listed The Rock because it would have been great to have The People’s Champion vs. The People’s Champion. He had envisioned that angle 2 years before joining WWE, but felt he missed the boat on that one and that was a big goal of his. The other being Randy Orton cause DDP mentioned that they both have the same moves and puts over his character as a heel. He loves that Randy Orton has the RKO finisher and isn’t upset with him doing the same move as the diamond cutter. DDP stated when it’s time for Orton to turn baby face he will be the hottest thing going and no one will touch him.

2) Any details if you are going to TNA?

His exact words were “As of right now no, none, I have no interest, but I am going to do some independent wrestling to see how my body feels. When you go to TV you need to be bringing your A game. I am 53 years old, I don’t want to be beat up like Hulk Hogan, walking around the way he does. Am I ruling out returning to TNA, no, will I return, well who knows. You would have to offer me the right money, it would have to be the right angle. You never rule it out, cause never say never.”

On the stalker angle in WWE: Felt it could have went well, but that’s not Takers gimmick and blames himself for going through with it. As said in question 1, he pitched the Ppl’s Champ vs. Ppl’s Champ angle to Vince, but Vince said he would have rather have him come in as Undertaker’s stalker and said do you really want to do a Ppl’s Champ vs. Ppl’s champ, and regrets giving in to the whole angle with Undertaker.

On Vince McMahon: He respects Vince for what he’s done in the business. He has nothing bad to say about him, due to the fact that he made his own decisions. “Did he help my career while I was there? Hell no” , “Could he have used me better? Absoultely”. He states not blaming anyone for anything and has no hard feelings towards Vince.

DDP also mentioned his main priority is www.yrgfitness.com and to go check it out if you want to see what he’s up to.