Big Update On Edge's Health & When He Can Return


In an interview with Frech PlayStation3 website, WWE superstar Edge gives an update on his health status following surgery to repair a torn achilles tendon . “I’m doing stairs on it now,” Edge said. “I started therapy. I’m on the long road to getting back. I’m on the road now. Before I wasn’t even on the road. I had crutches and I was in a cast, but now I can I can actually do some things like walk again and I can wear shoes.”

The former WWE World Champion asked whether he will be ready to return to action in time for WrestleMania in March, but he’s not so sure about it. “It will definitely be next year,” Edge said. “It won’t be anytime before next year. I would love to come back in time for WrestleMania and earlier, but it’s too soon to tell. It’s been four months. They said six months, so who knows.”

Before his injury, Edge had been teaming Chris Jericho and the two Canadians were WWE tag champions. Jericho cut some scathing promos on the Rated R Superstar shortly after his injury, setting up what could be a killer program in early-mid 2010 when Edge is healthy.

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In his latest blog at, WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross said the following about Edge’s health status:

“I think Edge being 100 percent by Wrestlemania 26 is going to be a photo finish and I hope that I am wrong on that assumption. Edge had taken his game to another level prior to his injury and he will no doubt return to the ring fresher and ready to turn more heads if he makes sure that he is totally healthy. Torn Achilles obviously cannot be taken lightly. Edge would arguably need to be close to ready by January to really be able to capitalize on the promotional, TV build up for Phoenix or at least that’s one school of thought.”