Hogan’s First iMPACT Appearance?, WWE’s Reaction, More


Source: PWTorch.com

— There’s no definitive word on when Hogan will show up in-person on TNA television. There is talk that TNA will film something in a private studio to keep the details of his first appearance on iMPACT from leaking to the internet. For what it’s worth, there’s speculation that he may not make his first real appearance for the company until January.

— The decision to hold the Hogan press conference at Madison Square Garden was meant by the Hogan camp as a shot at Vince McMahon, due to the McMahon family’s long history with the building. A source claims Hogan did not inform MSG management that he would announce anything related to TNA, and simple told them there would be a press conference with television cameras.

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There are mixed reports of Vince’s reaction to Hogan’s signing. Some witnesses say Vince was in a lousy mood at the Smackdown tapings following the news, while others say Vince was still the same old Vince with his “poker face on.” One source says that there was initially some curiosity within WWE regarding the signing, but that went away when TNA iMPACT drew a 1.3 rating with Hogan’s segment being the lowest-rated.