Hulkamania Tour Results From Melbourne, Australia 11/21



Hulkamania: Let The Battle Begin Results
Melbourne, Australia at Rod Laver Arena
Report by reader TheMrDAprano

1. Nick Dinsmore (a/k/a Eugene) with Pimp Fatha (a/k/a Godfather) defeated Rock of Love. Dinsmore and Fatha win after the hot tag. Fatha hit the pimp driver. Great chant for one of the heels to ‘put his shirt on.’

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2. Spartan3000 Matt Cross defeated “Outcast” Shannon Moore. Cross won with a shooting star press. Cross was heel but hit the finish and got a pop. Moore wasn’t over.

3. The Nasty Boys defeated Black Pearl and Vampire Warrior in an Australian Street Fight. The latter duo was Team Puffy Black Shirt. Basic hardcore match. The Nasty Boys were over.

4. Brutus Beefcake defeated Heidenreich. Brutus got the win witih a sleeper. Boring match. Hedenreich was okay and spent time jawing with the referee. Brutus Beefcake cut the referee’s hair after the match.


5. Lacey Von Erich won a bikini contest. There were two Playboy models and another girl. Pimp Fatha came out. After Lacy won the contest, a fat dude got on the ring and danced.

Ric Flair cut a sweet promo and then press conference footage was shown.

6. Mr. Anderson defeated Sean Morley (a/k/a Val Venis). The former Mr. Kennedy won with the Mic Check after Morley missed with the Money SHot.

Orlando Jordan came out to custom music, which was rare. He cut a promo about being the greatest and then introduced Uso Fatu (Umaga) as his partner.

7. Brian Lawler and Rikishi defeated Orlando Jordan and Uso Fatu. Good action and comedy. The crowd was into it and chanted “Jerry’s Kid” at Lawler. They also chanted “Booker T” at Jordan because of the dreads. Lawler and Rikishi danced afterward despite some reluctance from the latter. The referee did the worm, but Lawler kicked him out for doing so.

8. Hulk Hogan defeated Ric Flair. Unreal experience. Glad to see it in person. After great backstage promos, they came to the ring. Once they were in the arena the noise was deafening. All of their trademark spots were in there. Both men eventually bladed. Hogan used Flair’s brass knuckles to win. No leg drop.