Kurt Angle Injured At Turning Point, Pope Signs New Deal


— Kurt Angle “threw out his back” at Sunday’s TNA’s Turning Point pay-per-view, according to TNA president Dixie Carter on Twitter. The injury occured just minutes into Angle’s match with TNA newcomer Desmond Wolfe. Carter complemented Angle on “gutting out” the final 15 minutes of the 17-minute match against Wolfe in what she called a one of the best TNA matches of the year. Carter added that Angle “will not miss any action.” There were no other injures last night. Kurt Angle wrestled at Monday’s iMPACT! tapings – teaming with TNA Champion A.J. Styles against Desmond Wolfe and Daniels.

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— Dixie Carter also announced on Twitter that TNA newcomer D’Angelo Dinero has signed a a long-term deal with the company.
“Right before I walked in to watch the pay-per-view just now, The Pope and I signed his new long term deal,” Carter wrote. “He is the real deal.” Dinero worked as Elijah Burke in WWE. While in TNA, he has worked under “The Pope” character with live crowds responding well to his early work thus far.

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