RAW Rating Is Lowest Of 2009 – Disturbing Trend Continues


Monday’s WWE Raw scored a 3.1 rating with only 4.25 million viewers – way down from last week’s 3.5 (despite the fact that last week’s show went up against the World Series). The show was taped on Monday afternoon from Sheffield, England and was hosted by boxer Ricky Hatton.

Some troubling facts regarding this week’s rating:

  • 4.25 million viewers makes this week’s show the lowest rated edition of WWE Raw of 2009.
  • The first hour drew a 3.2 with 4,433,000 viewers and the second hour did a 3.0 rating with 4,064,000 viewers. WWE Raw has lost viewers in the second hour 5 out of the past 6 weeks.
  • Overall viewership was down over 14% when compared to what the show was averaging over the past 5 weeks.

Yeah the show was taped, yeah the rating for the NFL’s Monday Night Football was up a bit this week, but this is ugly news for WWE any way you look at it. The company has zero momentum heading into Survivor Series and WWE‘s latest attempt at elevating young talent is not giving Raw the spark it needs.

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