The Miz Says It's Time For WWE's Young Stars To Shine


WWE United States champion The Miz spoke to Brian Fritiz of the Orlando Sentinel’s “Between The Ropes” blog this week and says now is time for younger wrestlers to get their chance in WWE. “I think right now we’re at a time where a lot of the veteran WWE main-eventers are starting to get a little older and we’re starting to realize that they’re not going to be here for the next 10, 15 years and they need to start bringing up a new crop of new WWE superstars.

Miz said despite the progress he’s made since coming to WWE, some of his peers still have trouble getting past his background as a reality television star. “That’s always a topic of conversation,” he said. “People always ask me how does the locker room like you and the locker room has always hated me. I’ve never had too many friends in the WWE whether it was jealousy, whether they just didn’t like me because I came from the reality world.

“I find it amazing that WWE fans but also the locker room will take in MMA stars, they’ll take in football players, they’ll take in seven-foot tall people, you know. But a reality star comes in and oh, low and behold, he can’t fight. He can’t come into our business. I’m there just to prove everyone wrong, to prove to all those people that said he’s not supposed to be here, he’s just from a reality show. Let him host something. Let him host a Diva thing or something. I can actually wrestle and I can actually mean business and do what I say I am and actually be the best in the business.”

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Miz also talks about Shane McMahon leaving WWE, WWE Raw’s celebrity guest host gimmick and lots more. It’s a great read – you can read the entire interview at