Tonight’s Raw, Piggy James, Referee Injury, Cole Slacking


– Tonight’s three-hour RAW from Hershey, PA will be a Thanksgiving themed show, feature Superstars from all three brands and will be hosted by Hall of Famer Jesse Ventura.

– There were a lot of people within WWE upset about the “Piggy James” segment on this past Friday’s SmackDown where fun was poked at Mickie James. Management has been down on James due to what they perceive to be her “letting herself go” and the locker room didn’t find it as funny as Vince probably did.

– Referee Scott Armstrong suffered a concussion during the Team Morrison vs. Team Miz at last night’s Survivor Series pay-per-view after the kick from Sheamus. This is the only real injury coming out of the show.

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– One of the other complaints WWE officials have with Michael Cole is that they feel he says things to entertain himself more than getting over what he is told to get over. His “stock” has been higher than its been recently.

WWE will debut the official trailer for The Marine 2 starring Ted DiBiase on tomorrow’s tonight’s three-hour RAW show from Hershey, PA. The trailer was actually leaked online about a month ago and you can view it below:

(Credit to and for some of the information used in this report)