Two New Lucha Libre Restaurants Open In New York City


Two new Lucha Libre-themed restaurants located in New York City have been reviewed by New York Magazine – Cascabel and La Lucha. Both establishments are being praised for their The review focused mix of authentic Mexican food and a “near-obsessive” collection of Mexican wrestling memorabilia.

Cascabel is described as having, “floor-to-ceiling lucha-libre posters, luchador toys and figurines galore, and affiliated knickknacks of every sort. Vintage lucha-libre films are projected against a wall. Even the friendly waitress pops up at your table from time to time wearing a luchador mask. The whole trippy affair brings to mind a goofy teenage fan’s bedroom, crossed with the type of apartment TV cops burst into only to discover a photo montage of the serial killer’s latest victim.”

To read a detailed review of both restaurants, visit New York Magazine’s Undergroud Gourmet Review at

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