Abyss Set On Fire Video, Jeff Jarrett's TNA Status


— TNA founder Jeff Jarrett was backstage at the television tapings in Orlando, Florida this week. There was no formal reintroduction of Jarrett from management, nor any type of update on what his position with the company is at this time, according to prowrestling.net. One source did say having Jarrett back was ackward, considering nobody knew what his specific role was, and whether he actually holds any authority. For those wondering, Jarrett is still a minority owner in the company and has been back in the TNA office for several weeks now.On this week’s iMPACT!, a segment aired where Mick Foley convinced Jarrett to return to TNA television next week.

— Also on this week’s iMPACT!, TNA hyped an The angle that was considered “too graphic for Spike TV.” TNA has since released some shocking footage from Thursday afternoon of Abyss being set on fire by Raven and Stevie Richards. According to the TNA website, Abyss was hospitalized with “severe burns covering his entire left leg.” Check it out:

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