Cena-Sheamus Storyline News, Christian’s ECW Title Reign


– To keep with the undefeated storyline on RAW, WWE had the John Cena vs. Sheamus matches at this weekend’s live events end in disqualification with Cena as the winner. The Saturday night show saw Sheamus knock the referee down to be disqualified and yesterday’s show saw Sheamus get disqualified after hitting Cena with a low blow. It will be interesting to see what happens with the two on tonight’s RAW.

Reader Ted sent in the following: Just thought everyone might want to know that Christian is now the longest reigning WWE-ECW Champion after holding it for 154 days. The previous record was held by Big Show with 152 days.

– The January 2010 edition of WWE Magazine is a Best of 2009 themed issue.

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– Last week’s edition of ECW on Syfy scored a 1.0 cable rating, the same number as the previous week.