Details On WWE's New Comic Book "WWE Heroes"


The creators of the WWE Heroes comic book were interviewed by and were asked whether it will be consistent with WWE storylines. “We’ve got pretty free reign to do what we please,” Keith Champagne said. “The only instances we’ve had to change something based on the TV stuff has been removing a couple of WWE superstars when they left the WWE.

“If WWE doesn’t have the rights to use someone, we can’t. Otherwise, it’s the Wild West. By the way, the WWE has an AWESOME website we have access to listing tons of reference and photos of the people we can use, from classic superstars to modern day. I’ve spent hours in there getting lost…

“It’s only happened a couple of times and with WWE superstars who were more or less being featured in the comic in minor roles. So it’s been pretty easy to just surf the wave and do a little rewriting to line things back up. If Triple H or Undertaker were to suddenly leave, that would be a bit harder to fix at this stage of the game but so far, it’s been a problem so minor it’s not even worth mentioning.”

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