Knockout To Play 'Wrestling Snob', Sarita Wins Fitness Title


— As seen this past Thursday on iMPACT, Kristal Lashley cut a promo ripping Scott Steiner, specifically noting that she’s never been harassed at her husband’s MMA events. “I guess things are a little bit different around here,” she said.

This was the start of a new storyline where she plays the role of a snobby person who looks down on professional wrestling. Her character has her thinking pro wrestlers are low-class individuals and that MMA is a higher-class environment. (source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter)

— One half of the reigning Knockout Tag Team Champions, Sarita, recently won the CMLL Bodybuilding Championship for the fourth consecutive year. Dalys finished in second place while Amapola finished in third in the women’s division. The TNA Knockout also took part in Freestyle Fitness 2009 this past week just outside of Mexico City, which is a model-athlete competition with catwalk in a bikini, cocktail dress, and an obstacle course.

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