Sheamus' WWE Title Win, TLC Errors, Superstars Beats ECW


– Sheamus was a “trending topic” on Twitter last night for a few minutes after winning the WWE Title from John Cena

– Mark Cuban posted the following on his Twitter page last night after WWE‘s TLC: “Bummer that Sheamus won.. But remember I put him on the ground first !”

– Reader Mike sent the following: I caught several errors during the color at WWE TLC. For one, they said that the last time a WWE Champion was born outside the US was Yokozuna but they seem to have forgot guys like Edge or Bret Hart. Another was when Striker said it’s been decades since the IC belt changed hands in Texas but it just changed hands at Wrestlemania 25 when Rey Mysterio beat JBL among other times.

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– This past Thursday’s episode of WWE Superstars on WGN America scored an 0.9 rating with the replay doing an 0.15. The first showing actually did better numbers than ECW this week.