WWE RAW Results: Cena vs. Sheamus, Bret Announcement


Report by Kendra

RAW this week starts with outside the arena where Jericho is trying to get people to sign his petition. No one wants to sign and it’s getting ugly. He tells people, through his bullhorn, to stop taking pictures and sign. Lots of nos. He says he feels sorry for the children of America.

Music and pyro.

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Cena’s music and he comes out to the ring all smiles and goofiness. Cena pulls up the ring skirt and pulls out a table. He slides it into the ring and goes in after it. In the ring Cena has trouble getting the table getting set up and on its feet! He lifts himself to sitting up on a corner of the ring. He’s impressed with the excitement of the fans. He says he is too. Two weeks ago this is where Sheamus became Champion. Two weeks ago, that right there (the table)n is how he became Champion. Tonight’s the final RAW of 2009 and he gets a rematch against Sheamus. Judging by their excitement he wants that rematch now. They’re so excited it can’t be a regular match, let’s make it a Tables Match. “Cena” chants. Sheamus comes out, down the ramp and to the ring. He climbs in the ring and stares over the table at Cena. Cena stares back. Sheamus grabs a mic and asks of Cena’s for real? Cena’s the challenger and the one with something to prove. Sheamus has nothing to prove because he’s the WWE Champion. That means RAW belongs to him. Cena says RAW belongs to the WWE Universe, get his fact straight. Cena asks if they’ll have a Tables Match. Sheamus says it won’t be a Tables Match. He’s already beaten Cena in a Tables Match. He’ll beat him one on one in a straight match in the main event. The last image of RAW in 2009 will be Sheamus standing over Cena’s broken body. Sheamus drops the mic and starts to leave, but Cena grabs him and hits an AA on Sheamus through the table. Cena leaves the ring.

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Video recap of Cena jumping over the table then putting Sheamus through it.

King and Cole talk about Timbaland and his major party going on backstage.

Timbaland, the Bellas and Gail Kim hanging out. Josh in and asks about possibly postponing the main event to another date after what just happened in the ring. Timbaland asked why he’d postpone the biggest match of the century. Timbaland turned to the camera and asked the fans if they wanted to see that match. Not enough reaction, so he asked again. Timbaland said there it is and sat back with the Divas. They sofa danced together.

Cody and Ted walking through the back. Cody with a copy of The Marine 2. They talk about it and come up on Orton. Orton says they need to break up. He’s wasted a year and a half on them. Three guys with nothing in common beat them. They’re over. Orton says he’s not Champion and they’re not TTC. Cody says they keep rescuing Orton. Ted says they put their butts on the line for Orton, they should be thanking them! Orton says Ted will face Orton and Cody will face Henry. Orton will be ringside for both matches. They better win or… Cody asks what, he’ll kick them out of Legacy? Orton says he’ll kick them out and beat the hell out of them. Orton stomps off.

Outside Jericho is still stomping around with his bullhorn and a sign, but everyone’s inside!

Orton’s music and out to the ring he comes.

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Jericho outside with his petition and bullhorn trying to get people to sign. People just keep walking by. Stop the injustice!

Orton’s sitting ringside chewing his nails. Out comes Ted for his match. Sneak peak of Ted’s new movie. Ted stares down at Orton who stares back and then shakes his head. Evan out to face him.

Knee to Evan’s gut. Ted misses an elbow drop and gets a low dropkick from Evan. A huge clothesline about turns Evan in half for two. Delayed vertical suplex on Evan for two. Elbow drops on Evan. Chinlock on Evan in the center of the ring. Evan kicks out and whips Ted. Ted gets a foot up but then eats a hurricanrana for two! Ted down and Evan climbs, but Ted up and screwed up a reversal. Evan was supposed to fly over Ted’s head and land snake eyes on the corner, but missed it by a long shot and ended up flopping around and hitting the mat without much grace. Ted hits his finisher and pins for three.

– Winner: Ted

Orton barely nods at Ted’s win. Ted looks pissed.

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Orton’s still sitting ringside. Cody out to the ring for his match. Video of Ted beating Evan in the last match. Mark Henry out to face him.

Cody leans out and glares at Orton after the bell. Henry grabs Cody and sends him flying across the ring! Henry about to splash down sitting on Cody, but he moves. Cody takes Henry down, but Henry comes back with clotheslines and a head butt. Cody hung up on the second rope. Henry ran and landed on Cody’s back and slid through. Henry’s playing an injured knee. Cody goes after the knee, hit’s a DDT and gets three from Henry.

– Winner: Cody

Cody glares down at Orton. Orton barely nods, but isn’t smiling. He leaves his seat and shakes Cody’s hand as they leave together.

Backstage Kim and Jillian are talking. Jillian wants to audition for Timbaland but Kim won’t let her in. Further down the hall they have Hornswoggle duct tapes to a skateboard. HBK doesn’t like this much. HHH says it’s not his fault, HBK had him all week and all he did was take the little heathen to church. HHH wants to have some fun! What do you do when you get a new midget? Tape him to a skateboard and see how far he’ll go! HHH asks why HBK’s so serious? HBK says it’s the Vince and Bret Hart thing. HHH says to stay out of it. Besides, they have Big Show and a partner of his choosing, so don’t do anything stupid. Jillian’s down the hall singing and they send Hornswoggle into her and she lands bum in a barrel.

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Kelly out in a two piece red outfit. Video from last week’s Diva Tag Match where Melina helped Kelly win the match. Maryse out in browns and her long black coat.

Maryse taunts Kelly who jumps right in and flips Maryse hard. Kelly slams Maryse’s head to the mat hard. Maryse reverses it to gain control. Kelly comes back with a clothesline and dropkick. cross body off the corner by Kelly for two. Maryse into a corner. Kelly tries for her flipping back elbow, but Maryse moves. Kelly up on the corner and Maryse slams her down. Maryse plans Kelly on the mat with a hard DDT for three.

– Winner: Maryse

Maryse celebrates. Video of high points in the match. Maryse grabs a mic and asks Melina if she’s watching, of course she is. Then Maryse speaks French. Maryse says Melina will never be as sexy as her. They both know Maryse is the next Divas Champion. Then more French. Maryse then kicks Kelly in the ribs before leaving the ring.

Backstage Vince heads for the ring.

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Jericho outside screaming about conspiracies. Big Show comes up and asks what’s up? Jericho says he can’t let it go. Big Show tells him he has to. Jericho says it was special. Big Show says it was special, but they have to move on. Big Show says long distance relationships don’t last. Jericho asks if there’s someone else. Big Show says he has to let it go and hands him something. Jericho says he’ll cherish it forever. Big Show goes in. Jericho looks in the envelope and laughs.

Vince out to the ring. Many cat calls that went to “We want Bret” chants. Vince says it’s obvious everyone loves his guest host concept on RAW. Showing there’s nothing he wouldn’t do for them. He wants to talk about suggestions that next we have Bret Hart as the guest host next week. For the younger fans he put together a brief, but unbiased history of Bret Hart. “We want Bret!” chants. The whole thing was unbiased until the video got to Montreal. Old video of Vince saying no one screwed Bret other than Bret. Bret spit in Vince’s face. Vince says Bret didn’t leave on the best of terms. Vince says he didn’t screw Bret. Bret screwed Bret. In spite of Bret’s egomaniacal actions, he allowed Bret to come back to be inducted into the HOF. That weekend they didn’t speak one word. After Bret’s speech Vince put his hand out to Bret. Bret showed him nothing but utter contempt. Despite all of that and that he’s the better man who wouldn’t do anything for us. “What?” between each of his sentences. Next week the guest host of RAW will be… Vince then couldn’t say it. He tried again and still couldn’t do it. He said he couldn’t do it. “We want Bret!” chants. He’s sorry, Bret Hart will never be a guest host on RAW. Vince starts leaving and HBK’s music hits! He comes walking out looking pissed. HBK into the ring and Vince is slightly smirking. Vince hypes up HBK which gets him great pop. “HBK” chants. HBK says sometimes, no often, sometimes there’s rivalries that are bigger than this industry. So big you can’t deny the people or yourself because it doesn’t work for you. Vince says obviously he’s talking about Bret. HBK says he’s talking about Taker. He said it at the Slammy’s and will say it again. He wants to face Taker and knows he can break his streak. He’s here to appeal to Vince’s wallet. He wants to face Taker at WM. HBK says to make it happen. Vince says at the Chairman he can dictate policy, but not when it comes to Taker. He won’t make this match. If HBK wants it, HBK has to make it happen. Vince starts to leave. HBK stops him to add one more thing. He says he can understand Vince being afraid of Taker, but being afraid of Bret? Vince doesn’t have many open chapters in his life. Maybe he should bring closure to this one. Bring Bret back to the WWE! Bring Bret back to RAW! HBK says he promises him that if he does, only good things will happen. Vince says he’s not afraid of anyone! He’s fearless! Vince ask what was the phrase HBK used? HBK says only good things will happen. Vince repeats it and gets in HBK’s face. Vince smiles and nods. HBK says only good things will happen? HBK says that he for one will be more than happy to see Bret one more time. Vince says if only good things will happen, then the new year starts off with a special guest host, Bret ‘The Hitman’ Hart! Vince leaves HBK standing in the ring.

Backstage Josh talks to Cena about his match tonight. He asks if Cena feels he has the momentum over Sheamus? Sheamus attacks Cena from behind and they have to pull him off Cena who’s left in a heap.

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Bellas with Timbaland’s CD. MVP talking to Timbaland about music and games. Kofi came in to talk to Timbaland about the US Championship and how Miz beat Kofi for the championship. MVP says he wants a chance at it after Kofi wins it back. Miz comes in and says MVP won’t beat Kofi for the title as Miz won’t be losing it. Miz calls over Kim and tells her she can’t keep up with Maryse. Timbaland says is Kofi wins tonight, then next weeks’ match will be tonight. Miz is not impressed and the three of them sing Miz out. Then the Divas come back in to join the guys.

King and Cole talking through the show. They show the video of Cena putting Sheamus through a table, but then Sheamus later attacking Cena from behind.

Miz out to the ring. Kofi out to face him.

Some grappling and Miz hit’s a suplex. Stomping down of Kofi in a corner. Miz rushes Kofi in a corner and Kofi moves for Miz to land badly. Miz tries to fly, but it doesn’t work. Trouble in paradise and Kofi pins for three.

– Winner: Kofi

Video of Miz getting beaten and now has to wrestle again.

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Kofi is whipped into a corner, but wings around and kicks Miz in the head. Kofi pins Miz for two, twice. Kofi again pins Miz for two. Russian leg sweep on Miz and Kofi hits his double leg drop. Kofi hits trouble again but Orton pulls Kofi from the ring to break the match.

– Winner: Kofi via DQ

Kofi slammed into the ring post. RKO onto the floor. “You suck” chants for Orton. Orton smirks as Kofi twitches on the floor. Video of the attack. Orton’s still staring down at Kofi.

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Backstage Josh stopped Orton and asked about attacking Kofi. Orton says the thing between him and Kofi isn’t over until he says it’s over. Next week he’ll face Kofi and can’t think of a better way to start the new year than kicking someone in the skull.

DX out to the ring. Crotch chops to in ring pyro. They were supposed to have 4 firings but only 3 went off. HHH made held up three and then four fingers while standing on the ropes in the corner. HBK runs circles in the ring around their titles. HHH takes a mic from HBK. DX chants. HHH says this place is packed, asked if the crowd is ready. Then, for the thousands in attendance, (repeats) and for the millions watching around the world, and for the Big Show, because the big man seemed a little down after the emotional and devastating breakup with Jericho – but no fear, the big show has found a new man, and he’s about to come out here and consummate that with his new partner – HBK interjects “Not that there’s anything wrong with that”. HHH say no, they do the lets get ready to suck it. Jericho comes in through the stands to jeers. He has a ticket. Front row, ring side, courtesy of Big Show, from back while he was outside.

– Commercial

Big Show comes out with Chavo? Jericho looks crushed, head in hands. Jericho looks jealous, like a jilted lover.

HHH and Chavo start. Big Show distracts and Chavo rushes him. Chavo tries for the three amigos, but ends up with one and then eating a suplex from HHH. Knee drop on Chavo’s face for two. Dropkick to HHH and then punches in a corner on HHH! Clothesline to Chavo and HHH tags out. Inverted atomic drop and chops to Chavo. HBK runs the ropes and Big Show grabs HBK’s hair to slam him down from the apron. Spinning kick to HBK for two. HBK backed into the heel corner. Big Show takes advantage while Chavo distracts the ref. Big Show tags in and you can hear Jericho yelling at Big Show. Big Show gets HBK up high and head butts. Chavo tags back in and gets a chinlock on HBK. Chops to Chavo who comes back with an uppercut. Chavo over the top onto HBK who gets his knees up. Both tag out. Big Show grabs HHH for a chokeslam but HHH out. Big Show eats a corner and HHH hits a spinebuster on Chavo who rushes in. attacks on Big Show including a facebuster, but Big Show stays up and spears HHH! Jericho yells the whole time. Chavo up on Big Show’s shoulders. HHH moves out of the way of Chavo’s frog splash. HBK at Big Show. Big Show grabs HBK, HBK holds on and they end up outside. Hornswoggle into the ring and grabs Chavo. He tries to pedigree Chavo, but Chavo sends him flying. HHH up and hit’s a pedigree on Chavo for three.

– Winner: DX

Jericho over the wall and to Big Show’s side. He talks to Big Show who’s on the floor, then kicks the steps. Back to Big Show then he throws the steps around. Jericho on the apron and HBK hits sweet chin music. HHH grabs a mic and asks if this is the way it’s going to be? Then they’ll face off next week. When they lose Jericho will be off RAW for good, no tickets, no disguises, gone! HBK says if you’re not down with that, they have two words for you… Video of Jericho eating sweet chin music.

Video of Cena putting Sheamus through the table earlier in the show followed up by Sheamus’s attack on Cena backstage.

Split screen, Cena and Sheamus heading for the ring.

– Commercial

Justin announces Timbaland with all his accolades. He comes out in Cena gear! The Bellas move him along as he looks really out of it! He tosses his hat before getting in the ring. He tries to get the fans going and asks if they’re ready for the RAW’s match of the night? He loses his train of thought and says he’s bringing to the ring his man, his boy, Cena. He looked like he forgot Cena’s name part way through it, but got it back. Cena out to the ring making up for the energy. Timbaland announces Sheamus after cutting off Cena’s hyping. The ref pats them down.

They go at it in the center of the ring. Punching back and forth. Sheamus pushes off Cena’s bulldog and then clotheslines. Sheamus stomping and punching Cena while he’s down. Sheamus backs Cena into a corner with shoulders to the gut. Suplex to Cena for two. Cena uses a corner to get to his feet. King talks up Sheamus. Cena whipped to the apposite corner but comes out with a couple shoulder blocks and a slam. Five knuckle shuffle. Sheamus up but holds the ropes. Sheamus then grabbed the ref and slammed him down. As Cena hit’s the AA the ref calls for the bell. Cena pins but the ref isn’t there.

– Winner: Cena via DQ

Cena is pissed as Sheamus leaves the ring with his strap that he retained. Cena leans on the ropes, then leaves the ring and grabs Sheamus from behind. Cena throws Sheamus into the ring. Sheamus kicks Cena in the head and he falls like a sack. “Cena” chants. Cena struggles to his feet and Sheamus again kicks him in the face. Sheamus stands over Cena with a foot on his upper chest. Video replay of Cena throwing Sheamus into the ring but Sheamus getting the upper hand. Sheamus on the top of the ramp, strap held high, screaming at the top of his lungs that RAW belongs to him!

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Biggest heat
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