Jeff Hardy Says He’ll Be At TNA iMPACT! Monday Night


Monday Night iMPACT!
Monday Night iMPACT!

Former WWE superstar Jeff Hardy wrote on Twitter that he, his girlfriend and Shannon Moore will be driving to Orlando, Florida on Monday to attend the live 3-hour TNA iMPACT!

Jeff Hardy wrote:

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“Gonna roll with my boy @TheShannonBrand to FLA to put in a good word & check out tha show.”

TNA President Dixie Carter commented on the news of Jeff Hardy attending iMPACT. She wrote,

“Heard Jeff Hardy is going to crash the party tomorrow. Everyone is welcome!!! Gonna be fun.”

There is no word yet on whether Jeff Hardy will appear on television, but he is a free agent and might be open to a few appearances if the money is right. Jeff Hardy is arguably one of the most popular stars in the industry and him appearing on  iMPACT! head-to-head with RAW would make a lot of noise and bring viewers to TNA.

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