Issues Brewing Between Hogan & Lashley?, Ric Flair On Twitter


— Josh Gross of Sports Illustrated recently interviewed Hulk Hogan and the wrestling legend informed him that he was planning on having a conversation today with Bobby Lashley to discuss his future in the wrestling business.

Gross wrote the following on his Twitter account:

“Hogan mentioned, rather seriously, he plans on having a conversation with Bobby Lashley Sunday to discuss Lashley’s pro wrestling future. Hogan’s quote after I inquired about Lashley working 4 TNA: “He’s gotta make a choice, brother. We need to have a serious talk, He can [do MMA and pro wrestle] but he just needs to be a businessman about it. You can’t stiff us just because you have to train for a fight. You can’t put [Strikeforce] ahead of us; that’s not going to work me. I’m going to fix that real quick. That’s going to happen Sunday. I’m going to see what he’s made of because I’ve been around too long to have someone like him to do business with””

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— You can follow the one and only “Nature Boy” Ric Flair on Twitter at The account has been confirmed by his official website,

— You can watch DirecTV’s Before The Bell special previewing tonight’s Genesis pay-per-view event at the following link.