Jim Ross’ Raw Thoughts: Cena-Vince, DX, Dule Hill


WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross is back with another blog update at his official website, JRsBarBQ.com.

Dule Hill’s Job Hosting RAW: “USA’s Psyche star Dule Hill has tons of talent and charisma and was fun to watch host Raw Monday night. Hill has a bright future in television and film, without question. I plan on watching Psyche for the first time Wednesday night when John Cena guest stars.”

Cena’s Interaction with Vince McMahon: Ross called the segment “spot on” and some of the best verbal confrontations he’s seen in a long time. Ross said, “The dialog between Cena and the Chairman of WWE was organic, emotional, and really has me anxious to see Raw next week when Bret “Hitman’ Hart returns to confront McMahon.”

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DX’s Promo On RAW: “The serious nature of winning the Royal Rumble match and what it means individually to every competitor was underscored with Monday Night’s DX in ring promo. This was another verbal exchange that captured my interest. DX in a serious tone really captivated my attention.”

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Our Thoughts: Dule Hill had several entertaining segments and held his own with some of WWE‘s best talkers. Cena’s performance showed just how good he can be on the mic and the confrontation felt special. As does Sunday’s Royal Rumble. It’s one of those years where you could see a number of superstars coming out on top and there are several storylines in place that will all come to ahead on Sunday.