JR Blog: Tyson Should Have Wrestled, Borga’s Nazi Tattoo


WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross

WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross has updated his JRsBarBQ.com blog with some commentary on Raw guest host Mike Tyson, Ludvig Borga’s death and more. Some highlights:

Mike Tyson Hosting RAW: “Mike Tyson, as we have mentioned here before grew up as a HUGE WWWF fan as a kid in Brooklyn, was a big Chief Jay Strongbow fan as best as I remember from my conversations with the one time “Baddest Man on the Planet.” Mike even told me of making his own toy wrestling ring so he could re-enact what he saw on WWWF TV. Tyson likely missed a big payday or two by not venturing into a pro wrestling ring on PPV back in the day.”

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Stacey “The Kat” Carter: “Talked recently to Stacey Carter, former bride of Jerry Lawler better known as Stacey “The Kat” Carter back in the day in WWE who is now in the real estate business in the Ft. Myers, Florida area. The Mrs and I are planning on heading to that area when it warms up there and Stacey is lending us a hand with finding us a place to stay. She said that she has a reality TV show in the works with CMT that it has a chance of being picked up. It will center around Stacey, her former career in wrestling and her new career in real estate and will feature cameos from recognizable, veteran wrestling stars. I hope that she has a hit on her hands and more importantly that the show gets a chance.”

Ludvig Borga’s Death: “Too bad to hear about the untimely death of Tony Halme aka Ludvig Borga who had a brief stint in WWE many years ago. Ludvig had a great look and was a fair hand in the ring. I do remember that we had to make sure and cover up a [Nazi] “SS” tattoo that he had on his calf which was not a flattering choice of ink and was extremely politically incorrect for any generation.”