WWE SmackDown Results: Rumble Go-Home Show


SmackDown *SPOILERS*
SmackDown *SPOILERS*

Big thanks to reader Benjamin Tucker for sending in these live results from Tuesday night’s WWE SmackDown tapings from Cincinnati, Ohio:

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DX came out but were interrupted by Rey Mysterio, who told Shawn Michaels that he will beat Undertaker at the Royal Rumble. The Straight Edge Society came out as well, only to have Teddy Long come out. He announced C.M. Punk vs. Triple H and Shawn vs. Mysterio. Scratch the tag title match.

(1) Triple H beat C.M. Punk via DQ. The society attacked Hunter, but HBK made the save.

(2) R-Truth beat Chris Jericho.

(3) IC champion Drew McIntyre beat John Morrison in a no DQ match to retain the IC Title. Drew got serious welts from kendo stick shots.

(4) Women’s champion Michelle McCool beat “Piggie” James (Layla as a fat Mickie). Garnered some boring chants.

At this point Undertaker went under the ring. … Batista confronted HBK backstage.

(5) Rey Mysterio vs. Shawn Michaels ended in a No Contest when Batista attacked them. Hunter came out and threw himself and Batista over to the ropes to the outside. Taker appeared in the ring and chokeslammed both Mysterio and Shawn to close the show.

There was supposed to be (it seems) an eight-man tag with Batista, Team Punk, and Jericho vs. Mysterio, DX, and Taker, but Batista left because of some sort of kink in his knee.