The Rock's New "Tooth Fairy" Movie Opens At #4


Dwayne Johnson stars in The Tooth Fairy
Dwayne Johnson stars in The Tooth Fairy

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s new “Tooth Fairy”had a rough start at the box office over the weekend, opening in fourth place with $14.5 million.

By comparison, here are the opening weekend ticket sales for his previous three movies, from

  • Planet 51 (09): $12,286,129
  • Race to Witch Mountain (3/09): $24,402,214
  • Get Smart (6/08): $38,683,480
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Movie critics haven’t been to kind to the Tooth Fairy either., which compiles movie reviews from critics and moviegoers, gave the site a 15/100 review and had the following consensus:

Dwayne Johnson brings the full force of his charm (and his appropriately pale chompers) to the title role, but flat direction and a committee-written script render The Tooth Fairy unacceptably dull.

You can’t win ’em all. The Rock still has enough star power where he can put out a crappy kids movie, make another $5 million and be alright, but he’s not bulletproof and should pick his roles more carefully in the future.