TNA iMPACT! Results: Hogan, Jeff Hardy, Flair, Bischoff & More


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Monday Night iMPACT!
Monday Night iMPACT!

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If you missed Monday’s historic TNA “iMPACT!” broadcast, catch the replay this Thursday on SpikeTV! The epic event featured Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair, Sting, Jeff Hardy, Eric Bischoff, Scott Hall, Kevin Nash, Sean Waltman, new champions crowned and so much more!

Check back later for photos and video from Monday’s huge broadcast!

– The huge event started with a recap of TNA Wrestling’s history, all leading to this huge night!

– Bubba The Love Sponge was introduced as the newest member of TNA Wrestling’s broadcast team

– In the first bout, the high-flying superstars of TNA’s X Division competed in the Steel Asylum match. However, the first of many surprises on the night took place when Jeff Hardy’s music played, leading to the “Charismatic Enigma” appearing! Hardy hit the ring, took the fight to Homicide and then climbed to the top of the Steel Asylum structure as the Impact Zone went insane!

– Footage was shown of Hulk Hogan‘s limo traveling to the Impact Zone

– Christy Hemme interviewed Kevin Nash about the future of TNA. Nash said he was excited to make more money, and that he spoke to Hulk – and Hulk wasn’t coming alone.

– ODB won the Knockouts Championship by beating Tara, using a handful of tights to get the win and regain the gold she lost at Final Resolution. After the match, Tara hit the Widow’s Peak finisher for revenge, then put her tarantula on ODB

– In a huge surprise, the legendary “Nature Boy” Ric Flair was shown arriving to TNA Wrestling! Flair entered the building and went into AJ Styles‘ locker room!

– Footage was shown of Mick Foley attempting to enter the “iMPACT!” Zone, however, security refused him entry

– “The Boss” Bobby Lashley came to the ring with Kristal! Kristal did all the talking, and ended up insulting wrestling fans for the lack of respect they feel Lashley has been shown. She stated this would be the last time that fans would see Lashley, and that they were demanding Lashley be released from his TNA contract!

– The Beautiful People took part in their Strip Poker Tournament, with footage airing throughout the program. Later in the broadcast, a familiar face wearing a towel interrupted their game! The Beautiful People accepted his offer to join in on the game!

– Scott Hall and Sean Waltman were shown trying to get into the arena. When they were stopped by security, Hall and Waltman and security had to be separated

– After a commercial break, Hogan’s limo was shown, when a second limo pulled up and a mysterious figure got out and entered Hulk’s limo! Back inside the arena, Hall and Waltman made their way inside the Impact Zone!

– The legendary Hulk Hogan made his long-awaited TNA Wrestling debut, hitting the ring as the crowd went crazy! Hulk talked about coming to TNA and getting ready to make history. However, as Hulk was talking, Hall and Waltman climbed over the rail and caused a distraction. Hulk invited them in the ring if they wanted to talk, and Hall and Waltman told him they were here to party. But, Hogan told them it’s a new day in TNA Wrestling, and that means change! Hall and Waltman argued with Hulk, bringing out Kevin Nash! Nash joined Hall and Waltman in questioning Hulk – leading to the TNA debut of Eric Bischoff! Bischoff hit the ring and told Hall and Waltman that everyone had to earn their spot in TNA Wrestling, and that it was time to change TNA. Hall, Nash and Waltman backed down and left the ring, leaving Bischoff and Hogan in the ring. They tore up the format for the night, the first of many changes coming to TNA!

Sting was then shown in the rafters…he had been there the entire time watching Hogan and Bischoff! Sting hasn’t been in TNA in months! What will be his reaction to everything that’s happened?!

– Awesome Kong and Hamada became the new TNA Knockout Tag Team Champions by beating Taylor Wilde and Sarita in an action-packed match! In the end, Awesome kong held up Sarita as Hamada hit a top rope dropkick into an Awesome Kong powerbomb! The referee awarded the TNA Knockouts Tag Team Titles to the new champions!

– Mick Foley once again tried to make his way into the arena….followed by the arrival of The Nasty Boys!

– Up next, Raven and Dr. Stevie took on the team of Matt Morgan and Hernandez, with the winner earning a TNA World Tag Team Title shot against The British Invasion at Genesis on January 17. Morgan and Hernandez got the quick pin when Morgan hit his Carbon Footprint finisher on Dr. Stevie for the win! Morgan and Hernandez get the tag team title shot at the Pay-Per-View

– Backstage, Christy Hemme interviewed “The Pope” D’Angelo Dinero about his match tonight against Desmond Wolfe. However, he was interrupted by Orlando Jordan! The Pope certainly wasn’t happy about the interruption.

– D’Angelo Dinero beat Desmond Wolfe with a small package! A huge win for The Pope on a grand stage!

– Earlier, The Motor City Machineguns were shown knocked out backstage. Then, JB found Rhino had been attacked! Bubba The Love Sponge then came onto the scene to follow the situation.

– In the back, JB interviewed AJ Styles about his upcoming “Genesis” Pay-Per-View main event World Title match against Kurt Angle. However, AJ was interrupted by Eric Bischoff, who announced we wouldn’t have to wait until “Genesis” and that AJ would defend the World Title later in the show against Kurt Angle!

– TNA Wrestling Founder Jeff Jarrett came out to the ring and spoke about starting TNA Wrestling in 2002. Jarrett said with great emotion that he was proud to be standing in the middle of the ring live on a Monday night! However, Hulk Hogan interrupted Jarrett on the big screen – and Hogan wasn’t happy. Hogan said it was true Jarrett started TNA, but Hogan said Jarrett almost ran it into the ground and that Dixie Carter was the one responsible for saving it. Hogan said he was now Dixie Carter’s partner, and that Jarrett’s past accolades and titles meant nothing to him. Hogan said Jarrett no longer had any power, and that he needed to get in line and prove himself like everyone else. Hogan told Jarrett to “lace them up and be ready”.

– Backstage, Christy Hemme interviewed Daniels. However, JB interrupted as Mick Foley called him trying to get into the arena. Foley busted past Borash and went looking for Hogan

– Backstage, Jeff Hardy was talking with Shannon Moore about meeting with Hulk Hogan

– Abyss battled Samoa Joe in a physical bout. During the bout, Sting was shown backstage! During the bout, with the referee distracted, Samoa Joe nailed Abyss with a steel chair. Joe locked on the Clutch, and after Abyss failed to get to the ropes. Abyss was forced to tap out.

– Backstage, Kristal confronted Eric Bischoff after Bobby Lashley’s demands. She demanded a meeting with Hulk Hogan – in turn, Bischoff told her to take a number, get in line and to drop her attitude. Kristal told her Lashley wouldn’t be happy.

– Bubba The Love Sponge found Beer Money knocked out in the back!

– The Nasty Boys tried to get back in, but security still wouldn’t let them. Bubba The Love Sponge distracted security so The Nasty Boys could sneak in.

– Jeff Hardy and Shannon Moore were shown leaving with two envelopes, which they said is “what they came for” (referring to their meeting with Hulk Hogan). Before leaving, Hardy gave his painting to a group of fans.

– The Nasty Boys found Team 3D’s locker room and proceeded to tear it apart!

– It was time for the TNA World Heavyweight Title match, as champion “The Phenomenal” AJ Styles defended against Kurt Angle! It started off fast with plenty of action, but the mysterious masked man came out to attack Styles! However, Angle fought him off, as Kurt didn’t want anyone to interfere! It was an amazing back-and-forth bout, with both men going all-out and using all of their high-impact arsenal. Later, “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair came out to watch the main event! In the end, AJ was able to hit another 450 splash on Angle to get the win and retain the gold in a monumental match! After the match, Angle raised AJ’s hand in victory!

– After the main event, Hulk Hogan came out and said AJ Styles and Kurt Angle were the two greatest wrestlers in the world! Hulk said that history had been made and it was only the beginning! However, Hulk was interrupted and told that Mick Foley had arrived! Foley demanded to know where Hogan was backstage! Foley eventually found Hogan’s office, but Bischoff was there. Bischoff told Foley that he no longer had any power in TNA Wrestling. Foley went to knock out Bischoff, but Nash, Hall and Waltman attacked Foley as Hogan watched on and the broadcast came to an end!