Bryan Danielson Gets A New Ring Name, Morrison Wrestles


WWE developmental star and former Ring of Honor champion Bryan Danielson has a new name in Florida Championship Wrestling. At last night’s television tapings, he was introduced as “Daniel Bryan.” WWE almost always requires that they own the ring names of their talent, so Danielson likely refused to sign over the rights to the “Bryan Danielson” name – thus, Daniel Bryan.

– John Morrison worked the SmackDown/ECW live event last night in Ecuador, teaming with Matt Hardy in the opening match of the night. Morrison and Hardy defeated The Hart Dynasty. Morrison appeared to be fine and showed no signs of a broken ankle. As we reported yesterday, Morrison’s claims on Twitter that he broke his ankle were not true and he was simply “working the Internet fans.” (Editor’s note: Man, he really got us good!)

– Mickie James will make her live concert debut on February 22nd in Nashville, TN as a part of the Dustin Wells Gift of Music concert. Mickie will share the stage with country music stars Rascal Flatts, Kellie Pickler, Jason Michael Carroll, Keith Anderson and Little Big Town.

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